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Kelly Smith

Mar 07, 2022

We have been at this location for a year. Mandy and Diane take great care of the OE tenants and this office! It is beautiful, clean and well run. The location to I-25 is awesome! There are a million choices for lunch everyday.

Daniel Kerley

Mar 05, 2022

Office Evolution was a great location and space to host our team meeting! The space was top notch in its decor and amenities
, the staff we worked with to coordinate our use of the space were professional and great to work with, and the space met every single one of our needs. I would gladly recommend office evolution for our future needs.

J Plumm

Mar 05, 2022

Amazing office space, convenient location, wonderful staff. Highly recommend!

Cherissa Kerley

Mar 05, 2022

Office evolution hosted our team and the space was incredible. It had everything you need to run an efficient meeting. Would definitely recommend this workspace to anyone looking.

Jill C

Jan 24, 2022

Office Evolution has been a lifesaver, a mood booster, and a great place to get work done. My work-life is now fully remote. Love my family but they drive me crazy. Love WFH, but I enjoy having a conversation with humans and not just my cat (sorry Cat). A shared workspace is a perfect option for me. It’s close, quiet, professional, and flexible. Diane and Mandy make the Northglenn space above the rest.

Matt Walker

Dec 06, 2021

I am so glad to have found an office space at this location. The suite has been recently renovated and modernized tastefully. There are abundant amenities, and the staff is outstanding. It is a pleasant atmosphere to work in. It’s obvious why this location has so many five star reviews.

Michael Alley

Sep 02, 2021

Diane and Mandy run an incredibly supportive, productive, and affordable office space at Office Evolution. Stocked with everything a growing professional might need for success, the office is conveniently located in the center of the north metro Denver area.

Michael Padilla

Aug 31, 2021

Diane, Mandy and Office Evolution provided me the perfect space to settle into a new job while selling my own and my mother’s home and getting the entire family moved to new houses. Navigating (and living) between 4 and 5 different places over the last 3 months, it would’ve been impossible without a dedicated space to get work done. The office was amazing, the views are incredible. I’ll certainly be recommending the space to friends and colleagues as well as possibly doing the hotelling subscription soon! Thanks all, we wouldn’t have managed without your help!

Angela Gibson

Aug 28, 2021

Darren Hunstad

Aug 27, 2021

Wow, great staff. Great building and amenities. Cannot be beat.

If you are looking for great flexible ir even permanent office space, definitely lok here.

Miss Jane

Aug 26, 2021

I absolutely love working here, the office spaces are beautiful and it’s alway so nice and clean. The environment is wonderful and I get to meet new people every day!

Samantha Vázquez

Aug 26, 2021

I am very happy about my new office. Diane Mapes and her office manager Mandy Justo have been a very positive support to my startup process and made sure I had every opportunity to get an office with a fabulous view of the mountains before it became unavailable. I’m thrilled to be taking the next step forward in my journey as an entrepreneur. This community here is great and I am very happy with my decision to become part of this Ohana. Thank you Diane and Mandy!

Alisa Wong

Aug 25, 2021

I really enjoy my office here at Office Evolution. It is quiet, people are nice and Diane and Mandy are awesome, they make you feel very welcomed and resolve any issues you may have.

Ashley Garcia

Aug 25, 2021

Amazing location, great coffee and amenities! The staff is incredibly friendly. Highly recommend!

Abigail Reyna

Aug 23, 2021

Orin Horowitz

Aug 20, 2021

Office Evolution made it possible to work in a private office setting even when my company was closed from COVID. Highly Recommend.

Liberty Communications

Aug 20, 2021

Wayne Snyder

Aug 18, 2021

Mandy & Diane are an amazing asset for your company. They are always available to help anyone. Whether setting up your customers internet connection or the printer. Great place to have meetings, an office, or even to just stop in for an hour. Thank you ladies for your all your help. Thank you so very much.

Josh Johnson

Aug 18, 2021

I don’t have an office here, but I have attended several events that are hosted by the office. Very nice environment and extremely easy to access.

Amanda Lacey

Aug 18, 2021

After a need arose to find a meeting spot for several of our team members, we discovered Office Evolution. The location was easy to get to and the conference room was equipped with everything we needed. The space was bright and clean and I appreciated the added benefits of access to the kitchen and complimentary beverages. For staff who work remotely, this is a great solution for getting the team together as needed.

Larry Hatfield

Aug 17, 2021

Kim Schulz

Aug 16, 2021

Jerry Celaya

Aug 13, 2021

When I began my search for affordable office space, Office Evolution Northglenn immediately caught my attention. Diane and Mandy were attentive and responsive. The atmosphere was both professional and friendly. That was back in the fall of 2020, pandemic time, and they were observing all the recommended protocols. Having been a client for almost one year, my experience has been terrific. If you are in need of short or long term office space, contact Diane or Mandy. They are interested in helping you succeed, and are very flexible and creative. You won’t be disappointed!

Tina Silver

Aug 13, 2021

Office Evolution, Diane is truly about entrepreneurship! Covid has slowed and cut out my main function. Rather then throwing in the towel, I met with Diane and Mandy who instead found the perfect solution!
Truly would recommend! Family by choice and I love that!
This particular Office Evolution North Metro truly helped my business stay alive!

For your office need, check them out! We all have something special here!

Thank you Diane, Dennis and Mandy!!!!

Vatt Saycocie

Aug 13, 2021

Diane and Mandy are the best! Super friendly, flexible and helpful with whatever needs I have for my small business! Great environment, super clean and awesome members. I’d give them 10+ stars if Google would let me!!!

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