3 Ways to Beat the Work from Home Blues in Mill Valley

As with many things, the San Francisco Bay Area was ahead of the curve when it comes to the work from home movement. If you live in Mill Valley, CA, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know works from home. These days, it’s hard to find a street in Marin County without its share of home-based entrepreneurs and professionals.

But working from home isn’t for everyone. At Office Evolution® Mill Valley, we’ve noticed that more and more people are looking for alternatives to their home office. Some need a workspace more conducive to productivity. Others want the chance to interact with other professionals. And many simply find that that working from home doesn’t have the positive energy they need from their work life.

If this sounds familiar, don’t give up hope yet. Below, the team at Office Evolution Mill Valley outlines three of the best ways to cure the work from home blues.

1. Create a Smarter Home Office

Your laptop makes it easy to work pretty much anywhere. That can be dangerous if you work from home. Many home-based professionals end up using their living room sofa, their kitchen counter, or even their bed as a workspace.

This is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your performance and your ability to enjoy your job. Study after study has shown that workspace design plays a huge role in productivity, health, and job satisfaction. Successful businesses make big investments in the design of their environments. So why wouldn’t you?

Design a healthier home office by following principles of ergonomic design, then boost your mood and productivity with the following features:

  • Plenty of natural light.
  • Office plants or a view of nature.
  • Functional organization.
  • A distraction-free work surface.

2. Do You Work From Home? More Fresh Air and Time with Friends

Working and living inside the same four walls can get claustrophobic in a hurry. It also gets lonely. It’s not uncommon for home-based professionals to spend days at a time without leaving their property or having face-to-face interactions with anyone but their family. When you live in a space and a community as vibrant as the Bay Area, that’s practically a crime.

Avoiding the isolation of working from home takes more effort than you might think. So make sure you’re saving space in your daily and weekly schedule for fresh air, friends, and colleagues. If home starts to feel oppressive, try using your weekends as a chance to get away.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

If you work from home in Mill Valley, a shared workspace membership could be the perfect way to make your work life more productive, functional, and enjoyable. At Office Evolution Mill Valley, our shared workspace in the Glassdoor Building gives anyone who usually works from home in Marin County the perfect place to change gears, refocus, and meet other professionals.

Our shared workspace is right off of US Route 101, just steps away from amenities like Strawberry Shopping Center, Le Garage Bistro, Buckeye Roadhouse, and Cafe Del Sol. Whether you work from home in Mill Valley, Tiburon, Sausalito, Corte Madera, or Larkspur, you’ll find the productive space you need within our coworking community

Beat the work from home blues with Office Evolution Mill Valley! Learn more about our shared workspace memberships and claim a free hour of coworking by calling us today at 415-508-3003.

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