How Coworking Space Can Help Mill Valley Professionals Thrive

The Bay Area was where the coworking movement began, so it’s no big surprise that shared workspaces are hugely popular in Marin County, CA. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution® Mill Valley are thriving. Our shared workspace is home to a dynamic community of freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and other independent professionals.

So what made coworking so popular in Mill Valley and the rest of Marin County in the first place?

When professionals join shared work environments, they thrive at unprecedented levels. How unprecedented? So much so that researchers who studied the phenomenon in 2015 had to double-check their own data just to make sure they hadn’t made a mistake.

How Coworking in Mill Valley Drives Success

You might be curious about what makes coworking spaces like Office Evolution Mill Valley so conducive to career success. Based on our experiences with shared work environments, we’ve put together a list covering five of the biggest benefits to joining a local coworking space in Mill Valley.

  1. Positive Community. Professionals tend to thrive when they feel like they’re part of a positive and meaningful community. In studies, researchers have found that shared workplaces create healthier professional communities compared to typical offices. Workers don’t need to worry about office politics or fitting in with a company’s culture. This leads to happier, more motivated, more comfortable workers.
  2. Professional Diversity. Few spaces contain the diverse array of skillsets, perspectives, and experiences that you’ll find in a shared work environment. This professional diversity fosters an atmosphere of mutual support and teamwork — part of the reason why these spaces are also referred to as “collaborative workspaces.” These qualities also make a shared workspace the perfect place to network.
  3. Productivity and Focus. Before shared workplaces became as popular as they are today, most professionals had to work in a home office or their local coffee shop on days they weren’t at the office. Distractions in these spaces can be a real problem. They also lack key elements of productive workspace design. A coworking environment, on the other hand, is the perfect place to focus and maximize productivity.
  4. Flexibility and Structure. One of the key benefits to a shared work environment is the combination of flexibility and structure these spaces offer. You have total control over your own schedule, allowing you to work at the pace that serves you best. At the same time, having a dedicated, away-from-home workspace helps you maintain strong work/life boundaries.
  5. Office Resources. When you rent a coworking space, membership often comes with key perks, resources, and amenities. At Office Evolution Mill Valley, these include access to essential office equipment, a community kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, staffed reception services, and discounts on other work space for rent, including conferencing areas and day offices.

Ready to bring these benefits and more to your own work life? Office Evolution Mill Valley is the ideal coworking spacefor professionals who work or live in Mill Valley, Tiburon, Sausalito, Corte Madera, Larkspur, and elsewhere in Marin County. Contact us today to learn more about our coworking memberships and find out how you can get one hour of complimentary shared workspace access.

Call Office Evolution Mill Valley at 415-508-3003 today and learn more about coworking in our shared workspace.

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