The Perks of Shared Office Space in Mount Pleasant

Shared office space is increasingly popular in Mount Pleasant, SC and Charleston County. But if you’ve never worked in a shared office, you might be wary about what actually gets shared in these environments. Will you be gaining access to valuable resources? Or will you be sacrificing privacy?

At Office Evolution® Mount Pleasant, we offer the balance you need from shared office space. Our office rentals give you a private, dedicated workspace. But our shared office model gives you access to things you wouldn’t normally get from a small office rental.

Here’s a quick rundown of what actually gets shared at our Belle Hall area business center…

What You’ll Get with Shared Office Space in Mount Pleasant


At our shared office space in Mount Pleasant, members enjoy access to a range of professional resources. Each office includes a live phone answering plan and onsite business mail services. We also offer access to onsite meeting rooms and conference rooms, plus printing/scanning/copying equipment. In short, you get all the shared resources of a larger workspace but with the privacy and independence of an executive office.


Our shared workspace also includes access to a range of onsite amenities, making each workday more manageable and enjoyable. These amenities include free Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee, espresso, and tea, plus 24/7 access to our kitchen and coworking space. We also offer amenities to your guests. This makes Office Evolution Mount Pleasant the ideal place to host clients and colleagues for meetings.


One of the most underrated aspects of working in a shared workspace is the sense of community. When you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs and independent professionals, the sense of energy, creativity, and purpose is contagious. Plus, you have tons of opportunities to network, forging new connections in the Mount Pleasant area.


The sense of community developed by shared office space in Mount Pleasant also gives you access to shared knowledge and experience. When you’re working with such a diverse range of professionals, it’s easy to get advice or bounce ideas off coworkers. This makes our workspace a great place for collaborative projects and outside-the-box thinking.


At its core, the shared office space model in Mount Pleasant is driven by cost efficiency. When twenty people each rent their own private office, they don’t enjoy the economies of scale that a larger workplace can offer. In a shared work environment, resources become more affordable on a member-to-member basis. This also allows for more flexibility, with the option of month-to-month and short-term office rentals.

Learn more about our shared office space rentals in Mount Pleasant, SC by calling Office Evolution Mount Pleasant today at (843) 936-4717.


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