Secrets of coworking movement others don't want you to know.

In our last blog we discussed 5 must haves to be a successful business owner or entrepreneur. Below are summary key points you missed.

  1. Your Dream
  2. Adaptive
  3. Leader of the pack
  4. Change Agent
  5. Visionary

If you have above traits you are lucky to have a high chance of success.

In this blog, we will reveal the secrets of one of the first key differentiators Office Evolution created for you to maximize your special given abilities.

We are talking about creating a presence for your business without the traditional upfront capital you otherwise have to invest. Traditionally when we think about small business we think of a brick and mortar storefront, large upfront investment, multiyear contract with the landlord, all the expenses and risks that comes with it, etc. However, in today’s business, we are no longer bounded by the four walls of physical limitation. We can go virtual, go cloud (aka Amazon) and go global without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Overall, we are just smarter in doing business by focusing on what we are really good at. There are huge benefits of doing business by using a professional business address and having a professional working environment, meeting space (vs. coffee shop), thanks to the increasing cybersecurity and privacy concerns.

Want to start small and take smaller steps to get started with your dream business?

Office Evolution have a virtual office membership plan just for you and it starts as little as $89 a month without the long-term commitment. In fact, our virtual office membership plan is month to month so you can just scale up as your business grows as fast as you need.

Here is what you get with a virtual office membership:

  1. Professional business address
  2. Private mailbox
  3. Mail and package reception
  4. Discounts on conference rooms and day offices at home location

As little as $89 a month, you are also part of a community to receive many other benefits such as 50% off of use of conference room, meeting space and training facility that sits up to 50 people. You will be listed in our building digital directory so others like Google can find you.

Do you need a day office or office for rent for an hour? No problem. Our executive office space for rent in Naperville or Lisle (Downers Grove) is available and comes fully furnished by the hour. Our professional and friendly receptionist will welcome your guests and let you know your client is here to see you. Our virtual office will make you look really big and professional.