3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Private Workspace

As we draw closer to Thanksgiving, most of us take stock of all the things for which we’re thankful. This year, you might want to add your private workspace to that list.
Having a private office in a coworking space gives you much to be happy about. Studies continue to show that the environment can contribute to productivity increases, with more than 74 percent of workers reporting they can accomplish more. With fewer distractions and fixed overhead costs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups alike are finding that coworking provides them a better way to work.
Take a look at our top three reasons why you should be thankful for your private workplace, and if you don’t already have one, why you’ll want to make the investment going into 2020.
1. Unlimited Networking Potential


Working in a shared office environment puts you in close proximity with other business owners, entrepreneurs, or freelancers like yourself. Many people join a coworking community for this very reason, eager to get to know other business professionals that may be able to help them grow.
In addition, coworking spaces often host their own business networking nights where you can meet others within the space without disrupting the workday. Take advantage of these opportunities; you never know who you might meet or how they can help you thrive in the future.
2. Fixed Operating Cost
When you work in a traditional office setting (or even your home office), you don’t always have complete control over costs. Maybe you use more heat one day when the weather turns frosty. Maybe you have an emergency repair to take care of, or accidentally leave the lights on overnight. Whatever the issue, small extra costs can add up over the month and force you to pay more for your office space than you may have budgeted.
This isn’t the case with a coworking space, as everything you need is included in your monthly fee. You pay one price no matter how much heat you use, and you never have to worry about surprise charges on your statement. This can be game-changing for smaller companies with smaller budgets that need to monitor every penny they spend on overhead.

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3. A Space to Call Your Own
One of the best parts about having a private workspace outside of your home is the simple fact that you always have a place to call yours, a place where you can escape to when a great idea develops so you can get right down to business. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups are still working at their kitchen tables or living room couches, having to share their space with family members, pets, and all the distractions of home. This isn’t usually conducive to business, which is why many choose a private office in the first place.
Be thankful that you have the means to justify your own space, too. Having an office is a testament that your business requires it, so take pride in the fact that you’ve come this far, no matter how much farther you want to go.
Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and take a tour today; you’ll be thankful you did.
Published by: Office Evolution
November 22, 2019