Declare Your Independence from Your Home Office This Summer in Nashville

As more companies are starting to reopen during the pandemic and invite their employees back into the workplace, is it officially time to say good-bye to the home office? Many workers are eager to leave the confines of their homes and all the distractions that came with it.

However, they’re also not looking forward to going back to the way things were, especially when it comes to the freedom and flexibility that are innate with remote work.

Going back to the corporate world after weeks of remote work is likely to present multiple challenges. There will certainly be new “norms” that will take some getting used to, such as social distancing measures in the workplace. Easing back into a standard routine after enjoying a greater level of autonomy at home can also put a damper on productivity or morale.

Is there a desirable middle ground?

Coworking spaces that offer private workspaces could be a suitable option. A private office outside of the home eliminates the distractions of working from home, especially when you share that space with children, a spouse, or pets. Things like ringing doorbells or your favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows aren’t able to pull your focus when you’re working away from home.

Here’s how Office Evolution makes the case for private workspace use and how it can benefit companies and employees alike.Read More.

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