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Find Private Office Space in Nashville

If working at home is no longer working for you, consider a private office space at Office Evolution® Nashville. We offer a variety of solutions in a professional, friendly, and distraction-free setting. You’ll have a dedicated workspace you need that’s the right size for your business needs, all at a comfortable and flexible price point. Meanwhile, you can focus on innovating, creating, and flourishing in a collaborative and supportive environment.

4 Types of Private Office Spaces We Offer

Regardless of the industry you work in, you need a space that sets you up for success and helps you build credibility. A private office space at Office Evolution Nashville can do that. We offer several choices to consider, from traditional offices to micro-offices or simply a dedicated desk. Whatever your business and workspace needs, we can meet them with tailored services, the right private office option, and a unique environment, all so you can thrive. Select from:

  • A private office that is fully furnished. This choice provides our highest level of amenities, from a private phone, printer and fax machine to access to a conference room, coffee and tea service, and mail services. It delivers all the benefits of a conventional office, available on a month-to-month or long-term basis.
  • An all-inclusive dedicated workspace. This is similar to our private office option yet priced slightly lower. You’ll still get the workspace you need in a private area without having to commit to a fixed or expensive overhead. It’s an ideal choice when you’re building a business.
  • A small micro-office. These are small offices, set up in a row, each with a sliding door and a lock. Inside, you’ll have the privacy you need to make calls, respond to emails, and complete work. You can also always open up the door to network with your neighboring professionals.
  • A dedicated desk. If you simply need a space to call your own, a dedicated desk can become your own private work station. With this option, we offer a comfortable desk and chair, along with a cabinet to lock your belongings in, all in a bright, professional environment. 

Tour the Private Office Spaces at Office Evolution Nashville Today!

If you’d like a private office space, just outside the rush of downtown, Office Evolution Nashville has the solutions you need. We deliver many benefits, from upfront and flexible pricing to an easy commute, along with the right-fit dedicated space to maximize your business potential. We’re also conveniently located right in The Nations, near West End Avenue and Charlotte Avenue.

Our private offices and many amenities are available to professionals coming from:

  • Nashville
  • The Nations
  • Sylvan Park
  • Bellevue
  • Metro Center Nashville
  • Hillwood
  • West
  • Belle Meade
  • Midtown
  • And other neighborhoods in Nashville

Call Office Evolution Nashville at (629) 255-4444 to find out more about our private office spaces in Nashville, TN and joining our Ohana today.

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