Improve Employee Retention with Office Perks

The entire concept of what an office looks like and how it should function has shifted.

In the past, the office environment has been associated with stagnant, unhealthy places that people can’t wait to escape each day. Office jobs usually mean a lot of sitting, distractions, and uninspired decor, none of which helps to promote a positive work environment or promote each employee’s best work.

But step inside any tech company’s office and you’ll likely be greeted with fun, whimsy, and creativity — not the words most people would typically associate with an office!

At Google, you’ll find employees zipping down slides or hanging out in the cafeteria scoring free meals. Facebook has doctors on call that come to the office so employees don’t have to stress about leaving work for appointments. Amenities like arcade games, yoga studios, and even napping rooms are becoming more popular in the modern office.

These things weren’t put here by mistake or because someone thought it would be fun. Rather, amenities like these were intentionally created to attract and retain top talent — and other companies would do well to take notice.

While you may not be in a position to install slides or add sleep rooms to your office environment as Google did, you can still invest in a few fun office perks that actually matter to your employees.

Take a look at some easy perks that will add to your employees’ overall quality of life and make them excited for another day at the office. Read more.

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