Telephone Answering Services in Nashville

When you own and operate your own business, you’re doing the work of several people all at once. Delegating tasks is critical if you want to do better work and focus on your biggest priorities. One of the first tasks most small business owners delegate is telephone reception. Thanks to modern telephone answering services, like those offered by Office Evolution® Nashville, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever for small businesses to outsource their phone reception duties.

It’s easy to see why telephone answering companies have become so popular with small businesses in Nashville in recent years. Telephone answering services ensure that none of your phone calls go unanswered. They stop unwanted solicitors from interrupting your workday. They provide your customers with a friendly, human answer on every call. And they only cost a fraction of what you’d spend on a dedicated receptionist.

Why Telephone Answering Services Matter

Skeptical about the value of telephone answering services? You’re not the first person to ask. Over the past few years, researchers have been examining how phone management impacts small businesses. They’ve also been examining how live answering stacks up against virtual reception systems.

Here are seven of their biggest discoveries.

  1. Small Businesses Miss 62% of Incoming Calls. According to a recent study, small businesses fail to pick up on nearly two thirds of incoming calls. That number includes calls that go to voicemail (38%) and calls with no answer at all (24%).
  2. Spam Calls Cost Small Businesses $500 Million Each Year. Unwanted solicitations and scammers have a bigger impact on productivity than you may think. According to reporting by ZDNet, these calls result in $500 million in lost productivity for small businesses every year.
  3. 69% of Callers Hang Up on Answering Machines. Your voicemail is a black hole for potential leads and customer service concerns. Callers hang up on answering machines 69% of the time according to a study by the telecom news journal Telecompaper.
  4. 32% of Customers Expect Zero Hold Time. Even five seconds of hold time is more than some consumers are willing to take. In a survey by software distributors Velaro, nearly a third of respondents said that any time spent on hold was unacceptable.
  5. Live Answering Cuts Wait Times by More Than 50%. Wait times are longer on virtual reception systems than when calls are handled by live agents. In fact, data reported by Time magazine found that live agents reduced customer hold times by 54%.
  6. Virtual Receptionists Only Satisfy 10% of Callers. Virtual reception systems are considered a low-budget alternative to live answering. But in a recent study by HuffPost, callers said that virtual receptionists left them satisfied on only 10% of calls.
  7. 90% of Consumers Prefer Live Answering to Virtual Reception. In the same survey, HuffPost asked customers whether they preferred live answering or virtual reception. An overwhelming 90% of respondents said they preferred live answering. Less than 3% actually preferred virtual systems.

Telephone Reception Services in Nashville, TN

If you operate a small business in Nashville, hiring a telephone answering service is an easy decision to make.

At Office Evolution Nashville, our remote receptionist services save the typical client two hours each week. We offer a range of affordable live answering packages for small business owners and independent professionals anywhere in the Greater Nashville Area.

We additionally offer a wide range of on-site office and business address services that are perfect for anyone who lives or works in The Nations, Sylvan Park, Metro Center, West Nashville, Bellevue, Hillwood, Belle Meade, or elsewhere in the West Nashville area.

Call us today at Office Evolution Nashville, 629-255-4444 to learn more about our telephone answering services!  We would love to speak with you.