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Three Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office in Nashville

If you’re familiar with Office Evolution® Nashville, you know we do things a little differently than other office centers. For example, we’re one of the few places in Nashville, TN where you can rent a fully furnished private office. Our private office rentals come fully outfitted with all the furniture and resources you’d want in a personal office, making it easier (and cheaper) to get started with a new workspace.

This not only distinguishes us from other local office rental centers, but also provides our members with extraordinary value. Furnished workspace rentals are increasingly popular with small business owners, independent professionals, and bootstrapping startups, offering a unique combination of budget-friendly pricing and growth-friendly functionality.

Unsure whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished office? Below, we’ve compiled three key areas where a pre-furnished workspace could deliver value to your business.

Why Rent Furnished Office Space?

Save time and money on setup. Setting up a new workspace is no small task. It takes a substantial amount of time, often eating up a good chunk of your first week in a new office. It also takes a substantial amount of money. If you’re purchasing decent furniture and equipment, a one-person office typically costs north of four figures to properly outfit. Additionally, there’s the cost of productivity-loss due to the time you spent on office setup. By renting a furnished office, you can get started in a matter of minutes without spending a fortune on furniture.

Host meetings in style. Renting a private office gives you an ideal space for hosting one-on-one meetings with clients. But if your office has an outdated or slapdash appearance, you could be undermining your professional image. By renting an office that has a polished, attractive, and modern appearance, you can bolster your image and send the right signals to visitors. If you can find a furnished workspace that also includes guest amenities — like front desk reception or free coffee and tea — you can make an even better impression on visitors.

Boost productivity and performance. Countless studies have shown that the design of your office has a direct impact on your productivity and professional performance. But few of us have the skills and expertise needed to create a productivity-optimized workspace. At spaces like Office Evolution Nashville, our offices are carefully designed to promote productive work habits. Our offices include a number of ergonomic features proven to foster wellness, boost focus during, and spark creative ways of thinking.

Tour Furnished Office Space in Nashville

Think you’re ready to make the leap to an office rental? In that case, we encourage you to give us a call and schedule a tour. By touring our workplace, you’ll get a firsthand look at what our furnished workspace rentals have to offer. You’ll also learn about all the added features we include with our office rentals, including use of our shared workspace, discounts on meeting room rentals, business address and phone answering services, plus so much more.

Located in The Nations’ newly renovated Stocking 51 complex, Office Evolution Nashville is ideally located for professionals in the West Nashville area. We are less than five minutes from Vanderbilt University and a short drive from neighborhoods like Sylvan Park, Hillwood, Bellevue, Metro Center, West Nashville, Midtown, and Belle Meade.

Call 615-933-2498 today for more information about furnished office rentals at Office Evolution Nashville and to schedule a tour of our workspace.