6 Rules of Private Workspace Etiquette

Most office workers say that people can make or break an office setting. When you think back, you could probably name at least one person that had a negative impact on the office. Maybe they always left food in the fridge, or perhaps they didn’t clean up after themselves in common areas. Or maybe they took too many personal calls at their desks and disturbed everyone around them.

While most people can recognize good office etiquette when they see it, it’s not always common sense what you should and shouldn’t do when sharing a workspace with others.

Going from a home office to one where other people work can be a learning curve for some. Your workspace is no longer yours and yours alone, but rather one that every member is entitled to enjoy.

Working in a shared space comes with responsibilities, both to each other and yourself. When everyone can contribute to making the office environment one that’s clean, productive, and enjoyable, then everyone wins.

Take a look at some of the most important etiquette rules to observe for a happy, productive workday in Office Evolution Ontario. Read more.


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