Be a Positive Addition to Your Team | Office Evolution

Every business has an existing culture. The employees speak to each other at specific times and under particular circumstances.

While you may not walk into the office on day one knowing how to interact, there are some steps you can take to ensure you are positively impacting your office and your coworkers.

Making a conscious effort to positively impact your coworkers not only benefits them but you as well! Your transition into the office’s culture will be much easier if the existing employees feel you will be pleasant to work with.

Not everyone can be a social butterfly, but everyone can follow these tips to ease their transition:

  • Start off on the right foot. First impressions are stressful and usually the most challenging part of your first day in the office. If executed correctly, they can substantially impact the time it takes you to be accepted into the group. The following tips are dramatically easier if that first impression is well received!
  • Use your manners. The office is a shared space where you spend a large portion of your day in close quarters with your coworkers. To help maintain the peace, every team member should be practicing proper office etiquette. You should limit personal phone calls in the office, upkeep your hygiene and speak professionally while in the office. Although these guidelines should be followed well beyond the first day, following them right out of the gate will help ease your transition.
  • Avoid unnecessary conflicts. Not everyone you work with will be someone you would enjoy seeing outside the office. Every workspace has a difficult coworker or several, and you will have to find a way to get along with them. While this may seem complicated, it will go a long way regarding your acceptance into the culture. If you find yourself in a conflict with a coworker early on, take deep breaths and try to view things from their perspective.

Spread the Love and Join the Family

Being a new member of an office is like marrying into a family. You have won enough approval to get invited in, but you still must prove yourself to ensure you can stay.

If you can follow these critical tips on day one, your coworkers will have an early opinion that you are easy to work with and handle conflicts well. Not only will your coworkers accept you sooner, but your boss will be impressed at your quick adaption to the culture!

If you currently work remotely but want to feel like a part of the office family, then a coworking facility may be the perfect match.

Office Evolution offers private offices and coworking spaces that can make you feel more like a community member. Visit our website to learn more about how you can fit in at our facilities!