How Freelance Designers Leverage Virtual Office Services

If you’ve decided to ditch the corporate world and blaze a new path as a freelance designer, the last thing on your mind is heading back into an office. Understandably, that’s part of the reason why you decided to work for yourself in the first place.

Before you completely write off the idea of having an office, think about the things you also gave up in the transition from corporate hero to work-from-home superstar.

With your old company, you had the credibility of their name and tenure in the industry. You had a business mailing address and phone number specifically for work purposes. You had everything you needed for your job within arm’s reach: workspace, office printer and copier, conference room, and even a receptionist to take your calls.

Now, if you want to send or receive mail, you’re stuck with using your home address or a P.O. box. If you use your home address, your clients will know where you live (which can be scary). Using a post office box gives you privacy, but it also means having to drive to the post office each day to check it. You get client calls to your cell phone at all hours, which makes it hard to separate your business and personal lives.

While you might not miss the office itself, you may find that your old office perks could help you in your freelance venture!

Explore the benefits of a virtual office that can give you the best of both worlds. Read more.

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