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How to Design Your Desk to Boost Creativity | Office Evolution

Most of us, especially those who run a business, spend almost as much time in the office as at home. This is great if you are a workaholic, but many of us find ourselves burnt out on the job. While many factors can lead to burnout, your environment is one of the most important.

You want to avoid working day in and day out in a space that bores you. If your area is bland or not designed with you in mind, it can impact your work’s quality and morale.

Decorating your workspace can help you avoid this and get you more excited about work. Following these guidelines can help you transform your desk from simply a place to grind away to your home away from home!

Bring in the Light

One of the easiest things you can do to your workspace to add some life is to increase the amount of natural light it receives. Natural light will make your space more inviting and help you maintain your energy levels on the job.

While some are lucky enough to have a desk right by a window, it is not always that simple. If you have the option, working by a window that receives sunlight is ideal, but there are alternatives for those who do not have the luxury.

But there are many options to substitute light sources when the sun is out of reach, such as full-spectrum lamps that mimic natural daylight.

Include Greenery

Following the theme of bringing nature into the office, adding plants is another great way to make your workplace feel more alive. Not only will the plants add color and give you some design options with their container, but they also give you an additional task.

Your plants will require effort from you to upkeep them, so even on the more tedious workdays, you will have something easy to cross off your list. If you want to add some green but do not want it to add much to your plate, there are also low-maintenance options to work with.

Hang Up Artwork

Now that your workspace feels alive, it is time to make it feel like yours. Bringing in artwork allows you to inject some of your personality into your desk space and will help you feel more creative during the workday.

You are much more likely to find inspiration in someone else’s creative work than in staring at a blank office wall. Family photos can be another source of inspiration for you and add more character to your space.

If you are interested in finding a new workspace that gives you the freedom to make it yours, we can help. Visit our website today to learn more about our workspace offerings.