Transworld Business Advisors and Office Evolution

Transworld Business Advisors is a name synonymous with excellence in the business brokerage industry. Much like real estate agents who help people buy and sell houses, Transworld assists individuals in buying and selling businesses. Moreover, the company aids independent business owners in franchising, catering to those interested in rapid growth and expansion.

Meet the Team

Jeff Konieczko, the owner, brings a wealth of experience to Transworld. Jeff has a strong background in franchise ownership, having turned around a failing Budget Blinds franchise and earning the Rookie of the Year award. His expertise is a cornerstone of the company’s success.

Jenna Roesch, the co-owner, has been a real estate agent since 2008 and is also an entrepreneurial business coach. Jenna’s extensive experience in real estate and business coaching provides invaluable insights that drive Transworld’s operations and client satisfaction.

Embarking on the Coworking Journey

Transworld and Office Evolution are sister companies under the United Franchise Group (UFG) brands. This partnership aims to support both brands effectively. Transworld’s office schedule includes a hybrid setup, balancing time between the office and meeting customers in the field. This flexible approach is well-supported by the coworking environment provided by Office Evolution.

First Impressions

The newness of Office Evolution’s space significantly enhances Transworld’s business culture. The professional environment, complete with an administrative assistant at the front desk, provides an excellent first impression for potential customers. The availability of conference rooms and office spaces meets various business needs. The central space with mailboxes, kitchen amenities, coffee, and water adds convenience for both the team and visiting clients.

Jeff and Jenna state, “Office Evolution provides a professional environment, complete with an administrative assistant at the front desk. This setup allows us to provide a great visual to potential customers and utilize conference rooms and office spaces as needed.”

What to Watch for in 2024

Since its launch in May of this year, Transworld Business Advisors of Ontario, California, has rapidly gained momentum. The company achieved over 10 listings in the first month across various industries. Looking ahead to 2024, Transworld aims to continue this growth trend and expand its team by hiring new agents within the next 2 to 3 months. This strategic expansion will enhance their ability to serve clients and broaden their market reach.

Words of Wisdom

For entrepreneurs and teams considering joining a coworking community, the advice is clear: consider Office Evolution. Finding an office space independently can be challenging, including managing the buildout to suit specific needs. Office Evolution simplifies this process, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Jeff and Jenna explain, “the flexibility of the workspace suits our needs for a hybrid schedule, and the professional conference rooms are perfect for private client meetings.”

Transworld Business Advisors takes pride in being part of the Office Evolution community. This partnership has provided a professional, flexible workspace that supports business operations and growth. The collaboration with Office Evolution is a cornerstone of their success, offering a conducive environment for both team members and clients.

Jeff and Jenna note, “finding an office independently can be a challenge, including the buildout to be what you want. Office Evolution makes it so easy while you can really focus on your business.”

Transworld Business Advisors looks forward to a continued partnership with Office Evolution, embracing the opportunities and successes that lie ahead. The future is bright, and together, they are building a path to greater achievements.