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What Makes a Productive Workspace? | Office Evolution, Ontario, CA

Most of us view our workspace as our command center. We typically have a piece of tech that we run our day through, whether a laptop, desktop or tablet. We have a chair from which we operate our tech, a comfortable one if we are lucky, and the rest of our workspace consists of whatever office supplies, pictures and bobbleheads you bring to decorate.

While these key elements are simple enough, what you include and how you incorporate them can have a noticeable impact on your work.

One word that should ideally describe the time you spend at your desk is “productive.” You want to be productive while working because it usually leaves you feeling more accomplished and less stressed.

While your mindset is obviously quite important for being productive, it is not the only factor. The way your desk is set up can either have you locked in or noticeably distracted. Here are a few aspects of desk design that influences your focus:

Empty space. Properly filling the space that you have to work with is very important. If your desk is too crowded, it can begin to stress you out and impact your focus on your work. Too much empty space can leave your desk feeling dull, which can lead to burnout.

Electronics. It is unlikely that your desk is not going to have some electronic component. It is hard to even come up with a job today that doesn’t use a computer, tablet or smartphone, and this will need to be incorporated into your workspace. Cord organization is important as you integrate tech into your workspace. This is increasingly important if you have multiple monitors and a phone on your desk. Try using cord ties to minimize the spread of wires across your desk.

Personalization. You need to make your space feel homey and comfortable since you will be spending long periods of time at it. Including elements of your life in your workspace will make you feel more at ease and better equipped to lock in on your work!

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