What Younger Employees Are Looking for in Jobs

While think pieces and op-eds have often lamented the rise of a new generation in the workforce, the reality is that millennials and Gen Z are contributing tremendously to our modern industries. Nearly half of the full-time workforce in the United States is made up of millennials or Gen Z, and as with all new generations, there are now new ideas regarding what the workplace should be.

Attitudes have long been changing about how businesses should treat their staff, but the events of 2020 accelerated this tremendously. Now, many businesses are scrambling to keep up and find new talent—but without understanding what this talent wants, it can be hard to prioritize the right things in your workplace.

Read on to learn more about what the current generation wants from their next role.

The Top Things Younger Workers Want From Their Employers

A priority on their well-being. Many businesses have implemented some form of wellness program for employees, but current trends are indicating that is not nearly enough. Employees are seeking out employees that view them as whole people, and care about their well-being when it comes to their career, health, social life, financial status and overall community—all of which work together to create a happy and productive employee.

The meaning behind the task. Younger generations are willing to work hard and pitch in toward lofty goals, but they want to understand how their contribution matters and why rules and regulations are in place. Simply taking the time to illustrate the link between an employee’s job and the overarching goals of the department or organization can go a long way toward boosting buy-in.

A diverse and inclusive workplace. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts are more important than ever before to consumers, and it appears the same is true for employees, too. Younger employees value everyone being welcomed and appreciated in a work culture, and this includes accepting the personal identities of staff members. Respect and recognition should come from the top down and be reflected in every element of the organization.

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