4 Reasons You Need a Virtual Receptionist in Orem

Office Evolution Qiigo Access | June 6th, 2018

Woman sitting at desk talking on microphone as virtual receptionist in Orem

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, it can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against your phone. Between meetings, projects, and administrative tasks, you can hardly keep up with incoming calls and voicemails. While you might not be able to afford a personal receptionist, we have the perfect budget-friendly alternative at Office Evolution® Orem UT: a virtual receptionist.

Our virtual answering service is one of the most popular features included in our workspace rentals, and it’s also available as a standalone service for local professionals and small businesses in Orem. If you’re overwhelmed by phone calls, and you’re looking for an answer, here’s a closer look at how a virtual receptionist could help.

Why Get a Virtual Receptionist in Orem

  1. Improved Customer Service. A call answering service has two important customer service benefits for the typical business. First, it makes you more available to customers and clients. Live agents are on hand to answer phone calls 24/7, so callers to your business always hear from a real person. Second, it improves the customer service experience of calling your business. Agents at call answering services are recruited for their customer service and communication skills, giving your business a more polished professional image.
  2. Increased Focus and Productivity. A basic virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Orem saves the typical client 2+ hours a week. You’ll reduce the amount of administrative busywork you’re forced to handle each week, opening up new time for high-priority tasks. If you opt for call screening services, you can enjoy even greater time savings by blocking interruptions from telemarketers, wrong numbers, and other unwanted callers.
  3. Affordable Receptionist Service. The cost of hiring a full-time receptionist is well beyond the budget of most independent professionals and small business owners. The typical receptionist makes just under $28,000 a year. With HR expenses, the cost to your business will be around $35,000. A virtual receptionist in Orem costs between 5% and 10% that amount, depending on which type of phone answering service you choose.
  4. Virtual Office Capabilities. If you’re like most modern professionals, you can work from almost anywhere, so long as you have your laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. As such, you might opt for a virtual office instead of spending four figures a month on a rented workspace. At Office Evolution Orem, our virtual receptionist plans are a great fit for professionals based out of virtual offices. We also offer our Professional Plan Plus, which includes our phone answering service, a business address plan, a coworking membership, and a host of additional amenities.

Office Evolution Orem provides virtual receptionist services to professionals and businesses based in Orem UT and surrounding areas, including Provo, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, and Vineyard. Call us today at (801) 850-9551 to learn more about our phone answering plans and pricing.