Home Office or Shared Workspace

Office Evolution | October 24th, 2016

Office Evolution Co Working Space

Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Continue to Work From Home

And why this may be stunting their business growth

Your home office in Orem is great for your “work-from-home-business-hobby”. However, many entrepreneurs like yourself have upgraded surroundings in order to:

  • Do more
  • Work better
  • Work smarter

Let us help you conquer the challenges you face. 

There are 5 major reasons people cite as a reason to stay in their home offices. We then dispelled the myths surrounding these reasons. –

Reason 1- “Coworking Is No More Than Shared Office Space”

Coworking and shared office space are only the same in that they are both ways to work that happen in a common workspace. Coworking space can help remedy plenty of issues that plague office based businesses, including burnout, creative blocks, and despondency. A recent study  found that “71% of respondents described feeling more creative since joining a coworking spaces, and 62% said their work had improved”- DeskMag

Reason 2- “I’m Not A Tech Startup, I Belong in my Home Office”

Your home office in Orem, Utah is obviously a workspace that will always feel like home, but it shouldn’t be the only space that can feel like home. Thankfully, coworking spaces no longer feel like a tech club, they’re now home to all different sorts of businesses and industries. Office Evolution makes the most of all worlds, and tailor our spaces to our members. 

Reason 3- “Coworking Belongs in the Cities”

Our business centers cater to everyone, geographically speaking. Professionals shouldn’t have to commute 30+ minutes to get to their favorite workspaces. That’s why Office Evolution is focused on providing workspaces that cater to even suburban and small town professionals. 

Reason 4- Anywhere Outside of my Home Office is noisy!

Luckily, there are more possible places to work than your home office in Orem OR a coworking space. At Office Evolution, we obviously have coworking spaces, which foster a buzz of productivity that professionals love; but we also have desirable alternative options that maintain your preferred level of noise- these include a private day office, and temporary silent spaces. Another, more readily available solution is to use headphones in the coworking space, creating your own work environment.

Reason 5- My Home Office has Everything I Need to Work

But what’s life without luxury? Focusing on needs detracts from the creature comforts that are a hallmark of progress. Having free coffee, free tea, a fridge, a business center manager, a fax machine, and multiple officing solutions isn’t a need, but it’s what your business needs to soar.

So what are you waiting for? We think you’ll absolutely love and benefit from exploring outside of your home office and get into a coworking space today!! The inspiration for this article was provided by the DeskMag.