Temporary Office Space Rental: 5 Must-Haves

Office Evolution | January 24th, 2017

Temporary Office Space Rental: 5 Must-Haves

If you're like many of the professionals in the Orem & Provo Utah area that work remotely, you may consider purchasing a temporary office space rental. If this is the case, there are a number of things that are "must haves" when considering a temporary office space rental.

Top Must Haves in Temporary Office Space Rental

Flexibility -- Make sure the agreement is flexible. What types of options does it offer? Month-to-month. Hourly. Weekly. Quarterly. The more flexibility you have with the rental options, the more opportunity you have to expand or scale back on your agreement. Also, does the agreement give you an easy exit? Perhaps you start to grow quick and you need extra space or something isn't working out and you need to back out of your agreement. Regardless of the scenario, flexibility is key.

Amenities -- Are important in any temporary office space rental that you may consider. Is there WiFi available? Are there cubicles, offices? What about meeting rooms? You will also want to know what type of furnishings are in the office space. Perhaps there's someone on site to greet guests. If any of these things are important to you then you should make sure they are included in the space you look into.

Location -- Make sure the location within Orem & Provo meets your needs. Is it near the airport and local hotels in case you have clients or a boss coming into town? Is it easy to find so when you are meeting with clients it makes it easy for them to find? These are all important things to pay attention to when choosing a space.

Pricing -- When looking into a temporary office space rental, the price needs to fit within your budget. It also should fit the space's appearance, location and amenities. Also, keep in mind that if the price is too right then it may be too good to be true.

Renewal Options -- You need to be sure you can terminate the agreement if needed. There are many rental companies that lock members in for additional months. Some even have auto-renew cancellation notices in the agreement. Just make sure you know what the renewal terms are before you sign an agreement.

Time to Buy

Now that you know the "must haves" of a temporary office space rental, you are ready to start looking. Just simply keep these items in mind and they will help you choose a space that best fits your needs. Happy hunting!