Tools for a Virtual Business in Orem

Office Evolution | November 18th, 2016

5 Tools for a Virtual Business in Orem

5 Tools a Virtual Business Needs to Get Ahead

Building a business is difficult.  Most entrepreneurs start with a virtual business model because it is the easiest and least costly way to start.  However, as your business grows and scales, you may find (like many other entrepreneurs) that the systems/processes you initially started with are now antiquated for your fast growing company.

It’s time to take your business to the next level and join the ranks of superstar companies that have made Orem their home.

5 Common Tools Virtual Businesses use to get Ahead of the Competition.

Virtual Receptionist

Having a physical receptionist in your home office might be a little inefficient in terms of both space and budget. However, this is one of the most highly regarded tools/resources available in the marketplace.  A top notch virtual receptionist will save you (and your business) 2+ hours per week in wasted time.  They do this by:

  • Answering each and every call…just the way you like it.  This may not sound like much of a time saver, however, it’s more powerful than you realize.  A simple wrong number can distract you for 15 minutes or more. 
  • Answer each and every call.  It’s so important, we thought it bears repeating.  Today’s consumer is call happy.  They call until they get someone on the phone.  While you’re in a sales meeting, they’re answering your phone and helping to capture another lead.
  • Screening out all of the bad callers – say good bye to solicitors
  • Announcing each and every caller.  This is huge for productivity.  No longer do you need to play the “who am I speaking with” game.  Now you know.  You collect your thoughts and get right down to business.  Efficiency has spoken.

Conference Rooms

Much like having a real-life receptionist stationed in your home office, having a full-blown board room in your home might be a little inefficient in terms of space and money. That’s why entrepreneurs over time have found the conference rooms in our business center in Orem, UT to be so impactful.  With our meeting spaces, your next business presentation will be more professional, successful, and comfortable to all involved with our fully furnished conference rooms with plug and play presentation methods.


Communication and simplicity are two of the keys to working successfully in a business, as without them, nothing gets done. You need to communicate to your clients; and many times, that happens face to face.  We all know a coffee shop is a mediocre office space and a ridiculous conference room.  However, when you’re not hear your home location in Orem, UT, look to the network.  Office Evolution currently has 5 locations across the Wasatch Front Range – from Orem to Ogden and everywhere in between – perfect for the expanding virtual business.

Coworking Space

We at Office Evolution are huge proponents for the use of coworking spaces by virtual businesses in Orem, Utah. We believe that coworking spaces are a great way to change your surroundings and improve your work, while still feeling like a remote workspace.

Mailbox Rental

Having a virtual business in Orem, Utah is hard enough without thinking about advertising and correspondence. The fear is that you must give away your home address to make your business successful. Without Office Evolution, that may be the case, however, Office Evolution offers a business mailing address service in order to combat that exact issue.   Use our professional address on your collateral, in flyers, on business cards, on your website and for your Google+ business listings (great for SEO).  This will help put your business on the map – literally.  (We’ll even sign for your packages and keep them safe until you come to pick them up)

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