Cabin Fever

Orem Coworking & Shared Workspace for Rent

Our Orem shared workspaces offer the benefits of larger office environments—with a group environment for collaboration and conversation, as well as a working space of your own. You all have something in common, you’re passionate about your business and when you're passionate about something you want to it share with others, otherwise known as networking. That said, professionals in our shared workspaces are respectful of your time to be productive and get work done.

Our Orem coworking spaces are rented on a month-to-month basis. Whether you are starting up a business, in between jobs or offices, or working remotely, we want you to stay for however long works for you. Not all of your business has to be run from your coworking space desk, take advantage of other shared workspace resources—such as holding business meetings in one of our conference rooms.