Office Evolution: An Investment that Pays Dividends in Productivity and Professionalism

Office Evolution: An Investment that Pays Dividends in Productivity and Professionalism

Meet Mike Poledna, owner of SalesLab Consulting and KCSaaS. Like many small business owners, he started out working from an office in his home. Since he spends most of his time in virtual meetings with clients, that worked for him at first. But a few months ago, he realized he needed to find a better balance between his work and home life. The impact moving to Office Evolution has had on both his productivity and his family has been exponential.

Sparation between Work and Life

For Mike, there’s also something symbolic about having a door to shut at the end of the day, knowing the post-its he leaves on the wall will be there when he’s ready to get back to work the next morning. “Any entrepreneur or driven individual can tell you it’s incredibly easy to work around the clock, and that’s not fair to a family. Having an office here has created a physical separation that allows me to focus more intently when I am here, then stop working, walk out and have a life for a while.”

New Levels of Professionalism

He’s also seen a benefit in the perception of his business. “Everyone says they are a freelancer when they’re looking for a job. Having an office address outside my home added a level of professionalism that allowed me to lean into my work and shut the door on questions about this being what I do for a living.”

Convenient Location, flexible Space

Mike’s clients have benefitted from his move to Office Evolution as well. Many of his clients live within 5-10 minutes of the Overland Park location, so it’s convenient for them to come in for meetings before they commute to offices in downtown Kansas City, or on their way home. “Having access to the flexible conference rooms at Office Evolution allows me to get clients to switch gears and focus without the distractions of their own offices.”

A Worthwhile Investment

“If a small business owner is challenged with the concept of spending money on an office, there’s no question that it’s worth it. The level of productivity you can achieve when you have a clear division of work and life far outpaces the investment you make in the space.”