Rent Mailbox Space in Overland Park for Your At-Home Business

If you’re starting a business in Overland Park KS today, chances are you’re starting it at home. Home businesses are more popular, cost-effective, and easier to operate than ever, and entrepreneurs in Overland Park have taken note. But if you’re starting a home business, there’s at least one tough decision you’ll need to make: whether to use your home mailing address or rent mailbox space at a local business center like Office Evolution® Overland Park.

While many business owners prefer to use their home address — saving a few dollars in the process — renting a business mailbox tends to be the smarter long-term investment. Doing so offers a range of privacy, security, and marketing benefits, along with the convenience of business mail services.

You can have even more benefits when you rent mailbox space by doing so at Office Evolution Overland Park. Our business address services — popular with home business owners in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, and Lenexa — offer affordability, flexibility, and the opportunity to bundle your mailbox rental with further professional services.

Here’s a closer look at a number of ways you can benefit from a business mailbox rental at Office Evolution Overland Park…

Why Rent a Mailbox at Office Evolution Overland Park

Personal Privacy. Using a residential address for your business can make you the target of harassment, solicitation, fraud, and other unwanted activity. By renting a mailbox with a dedicated personal address, you can safeguard the privacy by shielding your home address.

Secure Communications. As with privacy, the security of your communications can be compromised by using your home address for business mail. Unless your mailbox is secured by lock and key, sensitive documents will be safer using a business address service.

Marketing and Branding. Many home business owners use business address services to operate a “virtual office” giving the impression of an office-based business, without the costs of renting an office. A business address service also makes it easier to market your business online, since many websites won’t allow businesses that use residential addresses or P.O. boxes.

Mail Services. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Overland Park, we cover parcel reception and mail management. This way, you don’t need to worry about missing an important delivery. And if you’re traveling, just let us know, and we’ll hold your mail.

Affordability and Flexibility. Business Address plans at Office Evolution Overland Park start as low as $79/month and come with the option of renting on a long-term agreement or month-to-month. This way, you can rent mailbox space at a price and term that works for your business.

Professional Discounts. Renting a business mailbox at Office Evolution Overland Park can give you more than a place for your mail. A basic plan will include discounts on meeting room and day office rentals, and you can upgrade your plan for additional savings on features like a coworking membership or live phone answering services.

Call Office Evolution Overland Park at 913-417-2022 today and learn more about how to rent mailbox units at our Overland Park KS business center.

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