The Rise of Short Term Office Space in Overland Park

There’s a lot that makes Office Evolution® Overland Park KS different from other workplaces within the Overland Park area. One of the more notable examples is the availability of short term office space. Unlike traditional office rentals, which require a multi-year commitment, we offer the chance to rent a private office on a month to month contract.

That’s big news for independent professionals and small businesses in Overland Park. Over the past several years, short term workspace solutions have become increasingly popular across the U.S., including right here in Johnson County. Work centers like Office Evolution Overland Park have dramatically reduced the upfront costs of opening a short term office, while providing businesses with the flexibility to adapt, expand, or contract their operations as conditions dictate.

What’s Driving Demand for Short Term Office Space in Overland Park?

In the past decade, demand for short term office space has surged in Overland Park and across the U.S. That begs the question: Why are short term office rentals suddenly so popular? And why hasn’t demand been this high in the past?

New technologies have played a big role in this trend. In the past, it was expensive and time-consuming to set up a new office. Businesses needed paper files on hand or a dedicated hard drive for digital files. This required a substantial amount of infrastructure, which was expensive to purchase and time-consuming to set up. Now, thanks to cloud computing, you can set up a workspace in minutes. So as long as you have a chair, a desk, and a secure internet connection, it takes almost no time to open a new office.

Another key influence has been the coworking movement. Emerging out of Silicon Valley in the mid-2000s, coworking spaces proved an instant hit with freelancers, remote workers, and digital startups. Many of these spaces provided members with the option of joining on a month to month agreement. This meant that coworking members could take bigger, bolder risks. If markets shifted in the wrong direction, they weren’t tied to a long term lease. If their efforts succeeded, they could easily scale their operations as they saw fit.

Flexible agreements worked so well for coworking memberships that many of these spaces began offering private offices on similar month to month leases. This is the model we adopted at Office Evolution Overland Park, providing flexible agreements for our professional service plans, our coworking memberships, and our private office rentals.

Short Term Office Rentals in Overland Park

Without the right equipment, utilities, and services in place, the advantages of short term office space quickly dissipate. To make the most of a short term office rental, it’s important that you choose the right space in Overland Park.

At Office Evolution Overland Park, we offer a number of key features through our short term office rentals. All our offices come fully furnished and include ready-to-use phone, internet, and Wi-Fi. We include a Live Answering and Business Address plan with every office, which gives you one hour of live phone answering a month, a private mailbox, and parcel reception services. We also provide discounts on meeting room and day office rentals, plus amenities like free coffee and tea from our beverage bar.

Located in Overland Park’s Executive Hills neighborhood, our workspace is perfect for professionals based in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, and Lenexa.

Call (913) 417-2022 today for more information about short term office space at Office Evolution Overland Park KS.

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