Communication is Key

Blue Hill Plaza Pearl River Phone Answering Service

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Take the Smart Alternative

Hiring a receptionist may seem like the obvious choice when you are looking to delegate phone answering responsibilities, but adding new members onto your staff can be costly. A live phone answering service at Office Evolution Pearl River will allow you to access the benefits of a receptionist, while avoiding the cost of a new hire.

People Want to Talk to People

Another alternative that small business owners and entrepreneurs often pursue is an automated message system, but that can incredibly impersonal way to greet your customers. When callers hear a robotic voice, they often think less highly of your business — or, even worse, they hang up.  

How You Will Benefit From Our Phone Answering Service

  • You will enhance your business reputation

  • You will relieve yourself of the stress and disruptions associated with answering the phone

  • You will be forwarded valuable and promising conversations