Motivation Monday! Great Ways to Motivate Your Team!

Motivation Monday! Great Ways to Motivate Your Team!

Motivation and Managing employees can be a challenge in any office environments. Our clients and experts at Office Evolution Pearl River shared some of the ways they motivate their teams!

  1. Play Games. Games are not just for children adults enjoy them too! Making your work fun by playing games can be a fun way to kick start an otherwise dull day!
  2. Trust Building. Simply telling employees you trust them with a task or to do a good job goes a LONG WAY in motivating people and in retaining your employees.
  3. Break Down Large Goals or projects into smaller goals or tasks. Sometimes projects are long term and the end in sight cannot be clearly seen. Breaking down these larger projects into measurable tasks or smaller goals can help your employees feel they are getting things done.
  4. Have Vision. Employees respond positively when they understand the vision or goal for their company or brand. Communicating the company vision can go a long way in motivating people because they will understand the reasoning behind certain operations or best practices.
  5. Vary Your Management Style. Everyone is different. What works to motivate one person won’t work for another. Some people are motivated by money, others recognition etc. It is important to identify what motivates your individuals on each team and offer them appropriate strategies or incentives based on that.
  6. Rewards. Offering rewards in monetary form, early dismissal or an extra day off can help motivate the team as well.
  7. Create Positive Rituals and Routines. Tired of hearing employees tell you they didn’t get around to something that day? One strategy that works well is creating a positive routine or ritual to get those less than desirable jobs done. Like having a daily “power hour” phone marathon from 4-5 to get those sales calls in. When everyone is doing it at the same time it’s not something anyone can put off!
  8. Listen to Your Team. People respond well to others when they feel valued and listened to. Be the kind of boss that listens to their employees and treats them with respect.
  9. Clear Direction. When employees know what is expected of them, they are more likely to perform well. As a boss it is hard to motivate your staff if they are not clear on what their responsibilities and results are expected to be. Set your team up for success with clear direction.
  10. Be Funny and Encourage Humor. Sometimes the only way for a team to get through a difficult task, time of year or transition is the ability to laugh at ourselves as we do so. Allowing your team to be playful within reason at times can be an important tool in getting them through it.

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