Pearl River's Rising Demand for Short Term Office Space

At Office Evolution® Pearl River NY, we take a different approach to the modern workplace. A great example of this is our short term office space rentals. Unlike traditional office rentals, we give you the option of choosing between a long term lease or renting your office month to month. This way, you can rent office space for temporary ventures, give yourself a launchpad for fast-scaling projects, or rent a private office without the commitment of a long term contract.

While short term office space used to be a niche market, recent years have seen increased demand for month to month office space. This demand can be seen not only here in Pearl River, but in countless other towns and cities across the U.S. And given the conditions that led to this scenario, this trend is unlikely to reverse any time soon.

What’s Driving the Rise of Short Term Office Space in Pearl River?

Until recently, it was hard to find high-quality, month to month space in Pearl River or in almost any other part of the country. But things have changed significantly within the past five or ten years. Visit any major American city, and you’ll find a growing market for short term office space.

Among the many factors driving this trend, three in particular stand out:

  • The Coworking Movement. Month to month memberships have been a defining feature of the coworking movement since its earliest days. As the movement becomes more popular and successful, professionals started looking for similar flexibility from private office rentals.
  • Work-Anywhere Technologies. Until recently, the cost of setting up a new workspace in Pearl River made it cost-prohibitive to rent short term office space. New technologies have substantially reduced these costs. So as long as you have a desk, a chair, and an internet connection, it takes mere minutes to get started with a temporary office.
  • Accelerating Disruption. In the past, businesses moved much more slowly than today. But as technology advances at a faster and faster pace, best practices become outdated faster than the average smartphone. To survive these changes, businesses need to adapt fast. A long term contract — like an office lease — can prevent this from happening.

At Office Evolution Pearl River, we don’t simply offer the flexibility of a month to month rental. Instead, we’ve designed each of our private office rentals to accommodate both long term and short term ventures.

To start, each office has been professionally furnished, including a desk, office storage, and ergonomic seating. We also provide a private phone line and handset, high-speed Ethernet, and secure Wi-Fi access. If you work from a laptop, it takes less than five minutes to set up your workspace and get started.

Short term office space at Office Evolution Pearl River also includes a range of professional services and amenities. Each office comes with live phone answering services, a business address plan, and discounts on meeting room rentals. We even provide bottomless coffee and tea from our beverage bar, keeping you fueled throughout your workday.

Located on the ground floor of Blue Hill Plaza, Office Evolution Pearl River is ideally located for professionals based in Rockland County NY or northern Bergen County NJ.

Call (845) 474-8272 today to learn more about our short term office space rentals and schedule your visit to Office Evolution Pearl River NY.

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