Tips for Being Authentic in Your Business

Authenticity for small business owners is imperative to building your client base, your brand and your reputation in the community. Overall, being authentic, can be a huge component in your growth as a continued source of referral-based business. Here are 5 tips from our business owners and clients at Office Evolution on how to build authenticity and communicate that to your clients.


  1. Be real and easy to talk to! Overall our clients say they prefer to do business with and deal with clients they feel are normal and down to earth. Not to say don’t be professional, but do not be afraid to share a little of yourself and make yourself a person!

  2. Keep It SIMPLE! In today’s day and age with the “fine print” and everything we are exposed to, something easy is a welcome change. Clients will appreciate a smooth, easy transaction and relationship in general. The simpler and easier you can make it the more authentic it will feel and the more at ease they will feel!

  3. Do NOT Pass the Buck! If you mess up, own it. Clients will appreciate an apology and and candor over back peddling and excuses every time. Learn to apologize gracefully and come up with a nice way you can make it up to them like a discount or a gift card.

  4. Be Responsive and Consistent. If you consistently answer your phone, provide customer service, and are available it is, of course, going to build brand loyalty and expand your client base.

  5. Help Others. Referring your clients to others, being active in and helping your local community will go a long way in building authenticity, and therefore, your client base. People do business with people they know and feel they can trust. In order to capitalize on that you need to be out in the community, helping others, and building those relationships.