3 Tips on Renting Temporary Office Space in Phoenix

Over the past few years, temporary office rentals in Phoenix AZ have seen a major surge in popularity, a change that’s reflective of a nationwide shift.

This shift has occurred for many of the same reasons that we’ve seen increased demand for temporary workers over the same period: fast-changing markets, accelerated scalability, demand for greater flexibility. Under these conditions, more and more businesses are turning away from long term leases in favor of temporary and short term office space rentals.

Finding the Right Temporary Office Space

While demand for temporary offices is one the rise in Phoenix, it can be tough to find the right workspace if you’ve never rented a short term office before. We want to make your search easier. Below, we’ve compiled three of our top recommendations on how to find the perfect short term office space rental in Phoenix.

Create a Checklist of Things You Need in a Temporary Office

When you’re renting an office on a short term basis — whether the rental is for a couple hours or a couple months — you should be looking for a space that requires as little setup time as possible. A great temporary office will include comfortable seating and any necessary furniture, will come with access to essential services and office equipment, and will have onsite support to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Before you start looking for a temporary office in Phoenix, we recommend making a detailed list of must-have and nice-to-have features that you’d want in a temporary office. You can then evaluate different spaces against this list. This way, you’ll reduce the risk of renting a space, only to find it’s missing essential features.

Focus on Functional Workspace, Not Fashionable Design

The market for temporary office space in Phoenix contains its fair share of trendy and fashionable workspaces. While these spaces often look great in photos, they can be less-than-perfect in terms of focus and productivity. Stylish chairs can prove uncomfortable over the course of a full workday. Reclaimed wood tables can cause laptops to wobble while typing. Open concept design can results in a barrage of distractions.

When you rent a short term office, an attractive space is important. But not if it comes at the price of productivity and performance. Keep that in mind when a workspace looks like it was built for a photo shoot instead of productivity.

Cost-Conscious? Look for Budget-Friendly Alternatives

On a limited budget, it’s often hard to find room for temporary office space. If you’re finding it hard to find the right space at the right price, you might want to look at alternative solutions.

At Office Evolution® Phoenix AZ, for example, our workspace solutions include day office rentals and month-to-month office leases. But we also offer cost-friendly alternatives to our office rentals. These include micro office rentals, dedicated desk rentals, and month-to-month coworking memberships.

Learn more about temporary office rentals and other workspace solutions at Office Evolution Phoenix! Call (480) 436-8144 for detailed information and to schedule a tour of our offices.

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