4 Tips on Small Office Rentals in Phoenix

Small office rentals in Phoenix AZ have come a long way in short amount of time. Until recently, it was almost impossible to find flexible and forward-thinking small office space in Maricopa County. But with the rise of new workspace solutions, small businesses in Phoenix now have a wider array of small office rentals to choose from.

This new generation of small office space includes some of Arizona’s most innovative workspaces. The most popular of these spaces follow the coworking model, offering private office rentals in a shared work environment. By combining the privacy of a dedicated office with the resources of a larger workplace, these rentals are an ideal solution for solopreneurs, start-ups, and emerging businesses in the Phoenix area.

Small Office Rentals in Coworking Spaces

Wondering if a small office rental in a coworking space would be a good fit your business? Here are four tips from the team at Office Evolution® Phoenix on the advantages of shared workspace office rentals vs. traditional small office space.

  1. Rental Flexibility. One of the biggest complaints about traditional office rentals is the lack of flexibility. A typical office lease requires a long-term commitment. That’s bad news for your business if you work in a volatile market, have an adaptive business model, or need flexibility for future growth. An office rental in a coworking space is an ideal solution, since these rentals are often available on month-to-month agreements.
  2. Shared Footage. A traditional small office leaves you with limited square footage. But when you rent an office in a shared work environment, your workspace includes your office plus a number of shared areas. These areas typically include coworking spaces, a community kitchen, and onsite meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  3. Professional Services. Small business owners are limited by all of the roles they need to play. Without a dedicated receptionist or personal assistant, you can spend too much time answering phones, sorting through mail, and keeping your office in order. Many coworking spaces solve this issue by packaging small office rentals with professional services. These include front desk reception, phone answering, mail management, technical support, and other key services.
  4. Work Community. One of the biggest advantages to renting an office in a coworking space is the community you surround yourself with. Researchers have found that professionals in coworking communities have better work performance and job satisfaction than their peers. These spaces are known as hubs of collaboration and innovation, and are perfect for networking.

Small Office Space in Phoenix

At Office Evolution® Phoenix, we invite you to visit our coworking space and discover what our small office rentals have to offer. We’re located in Ahwatukee Foothills, one of Phoenix’s most vibrant and dynamic neighborhoods, recently named by Money magazine as one of the best places to live in America. Our dedicated workspace rentals include micro offices, private offices, and dedicated desks, making it easy to find the right space for your needs.

Call 480-436-8144 today to learn more about our small office rentals or to schedule your visit to Office Evolution Phoenix.

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