Conference rooms are the heart of the business

It seems like so many things have changed about the way we do business. Gone are the days of sending faxes, carrying briefcases, wearing power ties and even using a BlackBerry. There is one constant and that is people need to meet. What better place to do that than in a conference room? Here are 5 reasons conference rooms are the heart of your business.

1. Conference rooms facilitate focus

With many companies going to open floor plan offices or co-working spaces, people can interact anytime, but it can be a tough place to stay focused. A conference room is a place you can direct your attention intently without distraction or interruption.

2. Conference rooms provide the means for a great impression.

Your conference room says a lot about your company – a prospect or a client can see your company’s personality, attention to detail, level of success and relevance to modern technology. A conference room that is well-furnished, well-designed and with state-of-the-art equipment is a welcoming atmosphere and exudes confidence, for your guest to relax.

Have you ever been in a poorly designed conference room? What do you feel like it says about the company you are meeting with? A good conference room helps you instead of hurting you.

3. Conference rooms are the bridge to your company’s future

A conference room is by far the most adaptable room in your space. They have become the number one space to conduct interviews. With the recent leaps in technologies like video conferences and screen sharing, you are no longer stuck flying in candidates to interview face to face just to learn they are not a fit. You can expand your search nationally or even worldwide and still have a face to face without leaving the conference room.

4. Conference rooms hold the secret

Unlike open work space, restaurants or coffee houses where conversations can be easily overheard, conference rooms are set up to be private! They are ideal to take care of sensitive business and keep information on the inside.

5. Conference rooms foster a connected culture.

People connect best when they can easily see and hear each other. And with more and more people working remotely, it’s important to have a place where everyone can come together to share ideas. This dedicated space allows everyone to come together to work towards a common goal. Having great video conference equipment fosters connection between onsite and remote employees.

Office Evolution provides conference rooms on an hourly basis. Never fear not having a quiet, professional space to hold meetings in, Office Evolution has the solutions for your needs! Call or email us today for information on the conference room for you.