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Hummingbirds and Addresses

Busy Nests and Business      


In yet another in the continuing series of stream of consciousness business planning, outside my window this summer a hummingbird couple built a nest, laid some eggs and proceeded to raise a feed three hummingbird chicks (yes, they are called chicks, I looked it up.)  For quite some time those hummingbird parents were very busy, and once the hatchlings came out (yes, they are called hatchlings, I also looked that up) it became even busier. It was a small, but busy, busy nest.

As I thought about the busy nest, it occurred to me that a “small busy nest” sounds an awful lot like “small business”. And as I amused myself with that thought I began to think about small business locations and then Business Addresses – which we offer at Office Evolution Phoenix.


Why a Business Address?

I’ve written about Business Addresses before, but there are really three main reasons to get a Business Address instead of using a home address or Post Office box for your business needs:

  • Registering your business with your State agencies, the Federal Government and/or Licensing Agencies;
  • Google Business Profile – mapping, Search Engine Optimization, relevance and visibility;
  • Keeping the weirdos away from your home;
  • Setting up a business somewhere where you are not.


Whether you are registering your company with the Secretary of State, the Federal Government, a licensing agency (for realtors, therapists, engineers, etc.) or in Arizona, the Corporation Commission, those entities are going to want to know where you located. Some of them may require a Business Address rather than a home address or Post Office box (in Arizona many of the licensing agencies require just that.) And since the information provided to these regulatory agencies, whether the Secretary of State or the licensing agency, is often public information many registrants find it useful to use an address other than their home address – and the Business Address is born.


It has been our experience that Google will not recognize a residential address for purposes of verifying a Google Business Profile so many businesses resort to a Business Address for the business rather than their own home so that they can try to become Google-verified and enhance their Search Engine Optimization. A Business Address also can increase the visibility, viability and professional look of a business rather than a business that is obviously run out of someone’s kitchen.


As an added benefit of registering at a Business Address that I previously addressed – since that information is generally public information available to anyone with a computer, a phone or access to a library – if you’d like to keep your customers and family life separate and try to have customers not necessarily know where you live, a Business Address can do that while you direct your customers, savory or otherwise, to that Business Address rather than your residence.


Finally, while you may be actually located in XYZ town, you can obtain a Business Address across a metro area, in another city or another state and appear as if you also have and do business in that area – thereby expanding your geographic reach for customers and visibility.


Find a Business Address Meeting Space near you that can you make the most of your business – for a professional look and enhanced visibility but at the same time protecting your privacy, a Business Address is the way to go.

And don’t forget – when you see or think about hummingbirds, think Business Addresses!




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