Rent an Office in Phoenix on Your Terms

If you’re a small business owner or an independent professional, you can only go so long without getting a proper office. But if you’re looking for a flexible rental agreement, it can be tough to rent an office in Phoenix AZ. Most office rentals in Maricopa County follow the traditional model for office space. That means you’ll need to sign a multi-year lease for an empty, no-frills workspace.

Office Evolution® Phoenix AZ is one of the few places in Maricopa where you can rent an office on a flexible agreement. Instead of committing to a two-year or three-year lease, you can rent a workspace by the year, by the month, or even by the day. On top of this flexibility, we provide a range of professional amenities and productivity-boosting features, giving you the perfect workspace to operate a small business.

Why Rent an Office in Phoenix on a Flexible Agreement?

Right now, finding flexible office space can be difficult for Phoenix-based entrepreneurs and professionals. That might not be the case in a few years. While flexible rentals currently make up less than 5% of all U.S. office space, demand for flexible office space is surging. Some experts say that by 2030, up to 30% of office leases could be considered flexible.

What’s driving this demand? Given today’s technological and economic landscape, businesses are wary of long-term, fixed-cost commitments. On a long-term lease, it’s difficult to adapt and respond to changing opportunities and markets. On a flexible rental agreement, you can scale, pivot, or reorganize your business on short notice.

Month-to-month rental agreements are popular with small business owners for their reduced risk. Many entrepreneurs could benefit from a private office, but they aren’t ready to invest in a long-term lease that may or may not work out. On a month-to-month agreement, that risk disappears. If you don’t like your space, you simply walk away.

Managed Office Space in Phoenix

At Office Evolution Phoenix, all our workspace rentals are available on month-to-month agreements, giving you the flexibility to rent on your terms. But we also offer so much more. Each office at our location comes with a host of features, resources, and amenities, designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

To start, each of our offices comes fully furnished, including ample desk space, secure storage, and ergonomic seating. We also provide executive services like live phone answering and front-desk reception to help cut down on distractions and ease your administrative workload. Your office rental will also give you discounts on meeting room rentals, 24/7 access to our shared workspace, and onsite support to assist with your professional needs. Plus you’ll find bottomless coffee and tea at the beverage bar in our office kitchen.

When you rent an office at Office Evolution Phoenix, you also become part of a thriving professional community. Our flexible office rentals and coworking memberships are popular with freelancers, telecommuters, startups, and established small business owners from a range of backgrounds. This makes us an ideal place to make new connections and feed off the energy of other hardworking, self-motivated professionals.

Call Office Evolution Phoenix at (480) 436-8144 to learn more about how to rent an office at our business center.

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