Renting a Boardroom in Phoenix

At Office Evolution® Phoenix, we know how easy it is to underestimate the impact of the right boardroom or meeting space. But studies have found that even tiny changes to a conference room can have a big impact on productivity within its walls. Natural light and office plants are both associated with increased worker performance, and productivity experts say that small adjustments to color scheme and temperature can make meeting rooms more effective.

Whether you’re meeting a client, wooing an investor, or conducting a team event, face-to-face meetings are critical to your business. Choosing the right space for your meeting can lead to big gains. So if you’re thinking about renting a boardroom or conference room in Phoenix AZ, it’s important you know what you’re looking for and where to look for it.

To find the right space for your next meeting, here are 5 questions you can ask yourself when searching for a boardroom rental in Phoenix AZ.

When Searching for Boardroom Rental, Ask Yourself…

  1. What Size of Room Do I Need for My Meeting? Nobody wants to pay for space they don’t need. But if you’re unsure how many people you’ll be hosting, always go with a larger space. A few empty chairs won’t torpedo your meeting. But cramming too many people into one room will.
  2. What Types of Equipment Do I Need Access To?Researchers have found that conference rooms without hi-tech equipment are used five times less than meeting spaces with digital technologies. Unless you’re planning on an analog meeting, make sure you’ll have access to the tools and equipment you need.
  3. What Level of Onsite Support Should I Expect? When you rent a meeting space for the first time, you’re in uncharted territory. So it’s important that knowledgeable onsite staff are ready to lend a hand if you run into issues.
  4. What Services and Features Do I Need for My Guests?Putting your guests at ease is the first step to a productive meeting. That’s easier with services like staffed reception and complimentary coffee or tea. These services also give you fewer things to worry about, allowing you to focus on running a great meeting.
  5. What Impression Do I Want to Make? If you’re meeting with clients or investors, the space you choose will influence your image and your reputation. Send the right message by choosing an attractive and comfortable boardroom in a clean, modern, and professional space.

Boardroom Rentals in Southeast Phoenix

At Office Evolution Phoenix, we give small businesses, freelancers, and out-of-town professionals the perfect place to host meetings in south Phoenix.

Based out of Ahwatukee Foothills, we’re less than five minutes from I-10 and Route 202. Our location offers two boardroom options for rent, accommodating up to 12 people in our largest space. Boardrooms at Office Evolution Phoenix are fully furnished, decorated, and equipped for computer projection, teleconferencing, and high-speed wireless access. Just as important, our onsite staff will do everything they can to help you host a successful and memorable meeting.

Learn more about boardroom rentals at Office Evolution Phoenix by calling us today at 480-436-8144.