Rising Demand for Short Term Office Space in Phoenix

Over the past several years, Phoenix AZ has seen increased demand for short term office space. Independent professionals and small business owners have shifted away from traditional, multi-year leases. Instead, they are turning to workplaces like Office Evolution® Phoenix, where private office space can be rented year to year or month to month.

While our members know the value of flexible, month to month office space, the sudden demand for short term, flexible office rentals might be confusing from the outside looking in. But when you take a closer look, it’s easy to see why so many businesses in Phoenix are switching to short term office space, as well as why this trend is unlikely to reverse.

The New Market for Short Term Office Space in Phoenix

To understand the fast rise in demand for short term office space in Phoenix, it’s helpful to look at other cities. Across the U.S., there is increased demand for short term office rentals in almost every other major metro area. It’s a trend that extends far beyond Maricopa County or the East Valley.

So what’s behind this trend? According to many, much of this demand has emerged from the coworking movement. When the coworking movement first started, it was based around the concept of free-flowing, open workspace. Yet for many coworking professionals, the affordability and flexibility of a month to month coworking membership were more important than the workspace itself. Soon, coworking spaces started to offer the same flexibility on private office rentals, with the option of renting month to month office space.

While the coworking movement played an important role, it’s not the only reason why short term office space in Phoenix is suddenly so popular. New technologies and changing markets have been equally, if not more important to this trend.

Cloud computing, for example, made it cheaper and easier to open a short term office. So as long as you have a desk, a chair, a laptop, and a secure internet connection, you can set up a new workspace in a matter of minutes. This has made short term office rentals a smart choice for temporary projects or as a launchpad for new operations.

On a broader level, businesses are becoming more averse to fixed, long term costs. Compare the technology, software, and systems used by offices five or ten years ago to those of today, then think about how different things will be in just a few years. As businesses become more prone to disruptive forces, it makes sense to shift away from fixed, long term commitments in favor of flexible, month to month contracts.

Short Term Office Rentals in Phoenix AZ

At Office Evolution Phoenix, our private office rentals are a great fit for anyone who’s looking for short term office space in Phoenix. Located in Ahwatukee Foothills, our offices come with the choice of a long term or month to month lease. We also provide a range of forward-thinking features and amenities, including:

  • Fully furnished, ready-for-use workspace
  • Private phone line, high-speed Ethernet, and secure Wi-Fi
  • Live Answering plan
  • Business Address plan
  • Meeting room discounts
  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • Access to coworking area
  • Guest amenities
  • And more!

With all these features, it takes practically no time to get started with your new workspace, and you’ll have everything you need to stay productive day after day and month after month.

Call Office Evolution Phoenix AZ at (480) 436-8144 to learn more about our short term office space rentals.

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