Shared Office in Phoenix: Functionality Meets Affordability

As recently as a decade ago, finding low-cost, high-quality workspace was nearly impossible for self-employed professionals in Phoenix AZ. That’s changed with the growing availability of shared office communities in Maricopa County in workplaces like Office Evolution®Phoenix.

Shared workplaces already have a well-earned a reputation for providing budget-friendly workspace solutions, priced affordably for freelancers, remote workers, solopreneurs, and bootstrapping businesses. But in recent years, shared work environments have also earned a reputation for being innovative, productivity-boosting workspaces.

Our shared office is a perfect example of how shared work environments combine functionality and affordability. Located in Phoenix’s Ahwatukee Foothills, we’ve quickly become one of Maricopa County’s most dynamic professional communities. Here’s how our shared office setup makes high-quality workspace affordable for local professionals.

The Cost-Efficiencies of Shared Office Space

Shared workspaces like Office Evolution Phoenix reduce the cost of office space by leveraging the cost-efficiencies of multi-member work environments. Larger businesses have long taken advantage of these efficiencies. Instead of renting an individual office for each employee, they operate a larger shared facility for all members of their workforce, reducing their per-employee workspace costs.

Until recently, these efficiencies weren’t available to freelancers, remote workers, and solopreneurs. But with the rise of shared workspace, independent professionals now have access to high-quality workspace at surprisingly low pricing. At Office Evolution Phoenix, our shared office provides a range of affordable workspace options for local professionals, including:

  • Coworking Memberships: Giving you 24/7 access to our shared workspace.
  • Dedicated Desk Rentals: Providing a dedicated desk with locking storage cabinet.
  • Micro-Office Rentals: The perfect low-budget office solution for self-employed professionals.
  • Private Office Rentals: Offering an all-inclusive private office in a shared workplace setting.

The benefits of shared office space don’t end with cost-friendly workspace. In a shared work environment, members also share the costs of workspace utilities, office equipment, and professional services, making all of these features more affordable.

We’ve taken advantage of this at Office Evolution Phoenix, providing our members with a range of professional resources, which we’ve tailored to the needs of small business owners and self-employed professionals. Here are some of the inclusive features we offer with our workspace memberships and rentals:

  • Live phone answering and call forwarding
  • Dedicated business address and secure mailbox
  • Discounts on meeting rooms and day offices
  • Complimentary high-speed ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Free coffee and tea from our office beverage bar
  • Nationwide access to 70+ shared office locations

Ready to learn more about the benefits of shared office space? Call Office Evolution Phoenix AZ today at (480) 436-8144 to get detailed information on our workspace solutions and book a tour of our office.

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