Coworking at OE Phoenix

Uphill Both Ways

What did we do before laptops?  


Back in the day, and I know this will be hard for many people to believe, we didn’t all have a laptop or tablet to carry around with the internet, work, social media and our lives at a finger’s or swipe’s touch. No, we had desktop computers which often weren’t really desktop but hidden under the desk with a tower containing the disk drives (what is that?!?), the CPU and a very loud fan. And before that we didn’t even have computers! Also, I walked uphill both ways to school through the snow and torrential downpours of my youth.

But Now?

Now nearly every small businessperson has at least two computers on them all the time (yes, I’m counting your phone.) And often three or four if they’re also carrying a tablet and a second laptop. Many tomes have been written about the effect such connectiveness has had on us – personally, professionally and as a society. And not all the effects are good, but some are.

Can you imagine living through the pandemic without the ability for many people to work remotely or for kids to remotely attend school? And while coworking and remote workers are nothing new (I’ve been a remote vagabond worker for 30 years) the availability of digital connectiveness has expanded both the number and quality of remote workers and remote work opportunities.

At our Phoenix location, not only are our private office-holders often remote employees, they are also entrepreneurs and solo entrepreneurs that have established their home base. They either carry with them or leave in their office their digital lives.

And our coworking area and conference rooms are often populated with people just getting work done, meeting a client, or having a team or zoom meeting. Their laptops or tablets are used to get that work done, but also used to conduct meetings, stream to projection boards or televisions and to stream their smiling(?) faces across the world via Zoom, Teams, WebEx or any of the other many video streaming platforms.

And Next Year?

It is difficult to imagine that we won’t be increasingly reliant on and able to take advantage of increasingly capable digital tools. Think back to just over 15 years ago – the first iphone was released in June, 2007. The advances are tremendous and the opportunities even more so.

Coworking, executive office suites, private offices and virtual offices will continue to flood the market and give all those remote and virtual employees even more choices as to when and where they work while employing whichever digital devices they need and choose.




At Office Evolution Phoenix, we provide virtual office, coworking, and flex office private office solutions at our shared office center. We offer meeting rooms, private offices, hot desking in a shared workspace coworking lounge, a shared reception, a business address, and virtual receptionist services. We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

Whether you live in Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Guadalupe, Mesa, Laveen, Maricopa or Casa Grande or other communities nearby in Maricopa County, OR you just arrived at Sky Harbor Airport and need a place to meet or work, choosing Office Evolution Phoenix will help you be more professional, productive, and profitable.