what rhymes with orange

What Rhymes with Orange?

What Rhymes with Orange?


Well, as it turns out  there are actually two words that rhyme with the word orange: sporange, which is apparently a technical word for a spore sac, and Blorenge, a mountain in Wales. Interestingly enough, or perhaps not, the word “month” does not have a rhyming friend. So sad.

So? Well, I was doing some marketing work preparing for a presentation at a local networking group and thinking about Business Addresses at our coworking location in Phoenix. I began wondering about words that rhymed with “business”. Very few clean rhymes for Business Address, let alone Business, but my favorites are: dizziness; existence; and forgiveness.

Why care about dizziness and its rhyming affiliation with Business (Addresses)? ‘Cause it’s fun.

Fun Business Address?

Okay, so in and of itself Business Addresses are not particularly fun. BUT, they do result in some fun effects – at least for an observer such as myself watching new business establish themselves. For a new business or a new entrepreneur with a great idea, a Business Address is often one of the first steps they take or at least, ought to take.

Too many new businesses make a critical mistake early on – they register their business with the state and/or IRS out of their home address rather than a business address. Why? It’s easy. But why is that a mistake?

  • Public information – most of the State databases are public information;
  • Licensure – many licensing agencies require a business address rather than a residential address and the new entrepreneur will get to do it all over again;
  • Non-professional Look – it just looks better to your potential customers to have a business address that is something other than the garage;
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is much easier to develop and maintain with a business address instead of your home listing.

What is Involved in Getting a Business Address?

Not much really. Finding the location for your address is the hardest part. There are many options, but make sure that it is a true Business Address and not a Personal Mailbox (PMB) for ease of licensure requirements and SEO.
You will have to provide a couple of forms of identification and fill out the USPS’s CMRA form 1583 which gives the receiving company (executive suites, coworking location, etc.) for your mail permission to do so. You will also have to sign a contract with the company that will act as your Business Address, but most are on a month-to-month basis.

Consider a Business Address for the new entrepreneur and/or business – you’ll be glad you did.



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