4 Ways to Rent Affordable Office Space in Raleigh

For small business owners in Raleigh, NC, affordable office space can be tough to track down. While our city’s market for office space is less pricey than some, costs are rising in Raleigh. That’s making it more difficult for small-budget entrepreneurs to find a great office without breaking the bank.

At Office Evolution® Raleigh, we know how tough it can be to land a great workspace. So we’ve compiled a short list of strategies to help you find one. By taking a slightly unconventional approach, there are a number of ways to find affordable office space in our city.

How to Find Low-Cost Office Space

  • Sub-lease from another business. One way to save money on an office is by asking local companies if they have unused space. Larger businesses sometimes have empty cubicles or offices. In some cases, these companies will sub-lease idle office space to startups and small-budget businesses, typically at a much cheaper rate than a standard rental.
  • Assume someone else’s lease. Another smart strategy for landing affordable office space is to find a business that wants out of a long-term lease. If it saves the business money in the long run, they may offer to cover partial costs for the remainder of the lease.
  • Virtual offices and co-working spaces. Many businesses today have no pressing need for a physical office, but they want to have the appearance of an office-based business. This can be accomplished by running a virtual office, which only requires a business address rental. This allows you to work from a home office, your local coffee shop, or a co-working community.
  • Office rentals in shared workplaces. If you’re looking for a great value, try renting an office at a shared workplace. Shared office centers provide you with the resources of a larger workplace, even though you’re only paying for a private office. At Office Evolution Raleigh, perks include live phone answering, business mail services, front desk reception, shared workspace access, free coffee/tea, plus so much more.

Affordable Office Space for Rent in Raleigh

If you’re having trouble finding affordable office space, Office Evolution Raleigh is a great place to look. Our office rentals include fully furnished micro offices and private offices. All our offices can be rented on a month-to-month agreement or longer-term lease. Our solutions also include low-cost co-working memberships and a range of services for virtual offices, including standalone business address plans and live phone answering services. 

Located at 4801 Glenwood Avenue in Crabtree Valley, our offices are ideally located for anyone doing business in the Raleigh metro area. To learn more about our offices, simply give us a call or pay us a visit for a tour of our business center.

Call (919) 390-0330 today for more information about affordable office space solutions at Office Evolution Raleigh.

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