7 Ways Co-Working Impacts Mental Health

It’s no secret that our mental health is inextricably linked to our physical health. And yet, despite this knowledge, we often don’t take the time to nurture our mental wellbeing in the way that we do our physical health. This is especially true when it comes to our work life. We often sacrifice our mental health in the name of productivity, putting in long hours, skipping lunch breaks and working through our holidays. But what if there was a way to improve our mental health whilst also being productive at work? 

That’s where co-working comes in. Co-working is a way of working in which people from different companies and organizations share an office space. This can be anything from a spare room in your house to a dedicated co-working space. There are many benefits to co-working, but in this blog we’re going to focus on the 10 ways in which it can impact your mental health. 

  1. Co-working can reduce feelings of isolation 

If you work from home, it’s easy to feel isolated and cut off from the outside world. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Co-working can help to reduce these feelings by providing a social environment where you can interact with other people. In a co-working environment, you’re surrounded by people with similar interests and goals. This can increase your sense of belonging and make you feel part of a community. 

  1. Co-working can improve your focus 

When you’re working in a co-working space, you’re less likely to be distracted by things like household chores or the TV. This can help you to focus more on your work and be more productive. 

  1. Co-working can boost your creativity 

The social environment of a co-working space can help to stimulate your creativity. When you’re surrounded by other people with different skills and knowledge, you’re more likely to come up with new ideas. 

  1. Co-working can improve your mental health 

A study by the University of Michigan found that people who co-work have lower levels of stress and anxiety than those who work from home. This is likely due to the social and supportive environment of a co-working space. 

  1. Co-working can help you to make friends 

In a co-working space, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Sometimes it’s easier to have people introduced to you than to try to blindly find a friend in the world, so take advantage of the opportunity! 

  1. Co-working can improve your work/life balance 

When you work from home, it can be easy to work longer hours and neglect your personal life. Co-working can help you to maintain a better work/life balance by giving you a set space and time for work. 

  1. Co-working can increase productivity 

Working in a co-working space can help to increase your productivity. This is because you’re less likely to be distracted by things like your home life or the internet.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health, consider co-working. It comes with a whole host of benefits that can have a positive impact on your wellbeing!


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