Day Offices in Raleigh: Everything You Need to Know

As more businesses in Raleigh have made the switch to non-traditional office space, local demand has increased for day offices. But if you’re unfamiliar with temporary office space rentals, you might be unsure of when to rent one, what to expect, or what the term actually means.

To simplify things, here’s a 101 guide to temp offices in Raleigh, NC.

Day Offices in Raleigh 101

This type of office is a private office that can be rented by the day and/or by the hour, depending on the location.

Day offices are often referred to as short-term or temporary offices. However, these terms are also sometimes used to describe spaces that can be rented by the week or by the month. So if you’re looking to rent an office for a few days or a few hours, you’ll need to make sure you have this option.

When should I be renting a day office in Raleigh?

The most common scenarios for renting a temporary office in Raleigh include:

  • When you need a meeting space close to your clients’ place of business
  • When you don’t have regular access to a private office of your own
  • When you’re launching a pop-up project that requires a private office
  • When you’re visiting Raleigh on business and need a proper workspace

What should I expect From Office Evolution Raleigh?

A temporary office should require as little setup time as possible. Ideally, it will offer a “plug and play” experience — as soon as you open your laptop, you can get started.

Accordingly, most temporary offices in Raleigh come fully furnished and outfitted. A basic space will include ample desk space, ergonomic seating, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Many also come with added features, like a dedicated phone line, onsite printing services, or guest seating.

Where can I find day offices in Raleigh, NC?

It’s getting easier and easier to find day offices in Raleigh, NC. But if you’re looking for a short-term office in northeast Raleigh, we suggest starting your search at our offices in Crabtree Valley.

With a short-term office rental at Office Evolution Raleigh, you’ll enjoy a pre-furnished, fully outfitted workspace, complete with basic features and a host of professional amenities. Each office has an ergonomic desk and chair, secure storage, a private phone, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

We also provide guest seating and a suite of guest amenities — including front desk reception, plus free coffee and tea — making our offices ideal for one-on-one meetings.

Find day offices in Raleigh, NC by calling Office Evolution Raleigh today at (919) 390-0330!

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