How COVID-19 Has Affected Co-Working

Since March 3rd, 2020, everyone’s world has changed. COVID-19 has spread to NC. There are so many questions but very few answers and many of us are not sure whether to panic or remain calm. As the numbers grew through March, a stay-at-home order took effect on March 30th. This left many people in fear of losing their jobs since nobody could leave their home. 56% of North Carolina’s work force has been sent to work from home, which caused many problems. Working from home can be beneficial since you will not have to pay for gas, and you will not be tempted to order from that Panera Bread right up the street for lunch. However, it can be difficult to focus on work at home since that is not your typical place of business. 570,000 students are doing school virtually for the fall, which can also be a huge distraction. Well, co-working is a new industry and is in high demand more now than ever. Continue reading to see how this industry has changed since COVID-19.

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Co-working is a fast-growing industry, especially now since COVID-19 has changed everyone’s thoughts on working from home. It has been increasing by 23% annually since 2010 and is that bridge between working from home but needing a space away from the distractions. Many companies have put their employees to the test to see who can be just as efficient at home verses in the office. Working from home is not meant for everyone and thanks to COVID-19 employers can really see who can handle it. With this knowledge, employers can cut down on office space, yet still have a place to work from for those who find it difficult to focus. Perhaps a private office at a co-working space for a cheaper rate would help?

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We are still going through this pandemic and many of us do not know what the future will look like on the other side. All we know is that there are options if working from home is not your cup of tea. If this is you, I encourage you to schedule a tour with your local Office Evolution to see what this rapidly growing industry is all about.

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