How to Choose a Live Answering Service in Raleigh

If you run a small business in Raleigh, a live answering service can be a lifesaver. Even if you deal with only moderate call volumes, an answering service means you don’t need to stay in “receptionist mode” 24 hours a day. It also means when you miss incoming calls, there’s a lower chance of losing out on promising leads. And unlike a personal receptionist, a live answering plan can cost as little as $5 per day.

But to get a live answering service, you’ll need to find the right provider and plan for your business in Raleigh. And that can be trickier than you might expect.

At Office Evolution® Raleigh, we offer a basic live answering plan that fits the needs of most small business owners. But we also offer upgraded plans for businesses with unique phone answering needs. Plus, we give you the chance to bundle your plan with other professional services.

Unsure which option works best for your business? The following guide will help you decide.

Choosing the Right Live Answering Service in Raleigh

The Basics

Our basic live answering service is a strong option for sole proprietors, independent professionals, and small-budget startups in Raleigh. On a basic plan, you’ll enjoy 60 minutes of live answering a month. This includes a personalized greeting for your business, as well as voicemail to email functionality.

Unless you have a clear need for additional services, we will typically recommend starting with a basic plan. If it turns out you want to upgrade your plan with new features in the future, that will be easy to do.

Add-On Features

While we usually suggest starting with a basic phone answering plan, some situations call for additional features. If it’s clear that you’ll need these features from the outset, it’s more than worth the added expense.

One example is if your business has multiple team members. By upgrading, you can forward calls to different numbers. Another is if your business deals with unusually heavy call volumes. We can add additional minutes to your plan and include features to streamline your call flow.

Package Deals

When you get a live answering service at Office Evolution Raleigh, you can bundle your plan with other professional services, like a business address plan or a coworking membership. By bundling these services together, you’ll spend less than if you purchased each service separately. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to manage all these services in one place.

Call Office Evolution Raleigh today at (919) 390-0330 to learn more about our live answering service!

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