Kathy Godin - Branch Manager of CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC

People long to achieve the American Dream – owning their home. Kathy, the Branch Manager of CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC., loves providing the financing. To assist new home buyers, she provides a $400 rebate towards a home inspection. Just ask and mention this spotlight and it’s yours.

She’s not limited to 40-hour W-2 folks. Independent contractors, self-employed, real estate investors are some of the people who look to Kathy for financing.  

Being available is a big thing with Kathy. You get her direct line. No computer Sally who tells you to press 1 for this and 2 for that. You call. You get Kathy. Sure, you might get her voicemail if she’s with another client. You also get a quick response to your message.

“I can’t be of service to you if you can’t reach me!” says Kathy.

In addition, you have access to her personal email. You can choose to communicate with Kathy this way.

You can apply online [www.RaleighMortgageGals.com], over the phone or in person. It’s up to you.

Being available also means extended hours. For your convenience she makes herself available evenings and weekends. Kathy knows you work and have other obligations.

She’s a veteran of the mortgage business. Kathy places her hard-learned experience at your disposal. She’s a three-time North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals (NCAMP) award winner.

The North Carolina Commissioner of Banks requires all new loan officers to attend certified training prior to obtaining a license. Kathy, for many years, was an accredited instructor.

Kathy also has a green thumb. She’s constantly working in her yard. Inside there’s dozens of houseplants – some decades old.

Green’s the theme. Money for your dream home and plants inside and out.

Connect with Kathy when buying a house or considering refinancing.

Serves all of NC.

(919) 789-9888


Inc. magazine named CrossCountry one of the fastest growing private companies in the U. S. along with Microsoft and Under Armour for the seventh time. This shows the world we are a rising force in the mortgage industry.