The Benefits Of Working In a Coworking Space

What is Coworking?

Coworking in a nutshell is a shared workspace. It is an adaptable alternative to conventional office spaces, which allows professionals to work remotely or have an individual workplace. Freelancers, employees, entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses of all sizes can take advantage of coworking environments. At Office Evolution, a blend of coworking qualities helps professionals thrive.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

1. Inexpensive Costs

Understandably, cost savings are a major benefit for any business. Not only can spending less mean higher profits, but it frees up more money for a website, marketing, or other costs associated with the business. Coworking spaces unquestionably cost less than traditional commercial office spaces.

For some people, the thought of membership fees might be a barrier to entry. However, with amenities like wi-fi, an on-site receptionist, furnishings, refreshments, conference rooms, printing access, and more, benefits begin to outweigh the costs. With so many comforts and conveniences made available at an affordable price, every business has the tools to accomplish more and thrive!

2. Instant Networks

Unless networks have been created through family and friends, it can take years and a great deal of sweat equity to build a solid network. There is something to be said of successful entrepreneurs who surround themselves with the right people. Coworking environments allow start-ups and self-employed individuals alike to network and establish face-to-face relationships that can be mutually beneficial. Networking and knowledge sharing can add value to a business and help it prosper. 

3. Improved Creativity

Creativity can take on many forms: innovation, motivation, problem-solving, design, and more. Over a decade ago, as coworking spaces were on the rise, research showed that coworking environments had a positive impact on creativity. This is predominantly due to a diverse group of professionals located in an open atmosphere who are able to streamline the creation of new ideas. 

Those who spend time around innovative people will naturally find the stimulation to create their own new ideas. As an added benefit, once the creativity starts flowing, there will be people around to brainstorm and share resources. Coworking offers a great opportunity for a business to succeed with the help of a boost in creativity and the cooperation of other people.

4. Increased Productivity

Productivity is essential for success. Much has been written about the negative effects of low productivity in the workplace. Unproductiveness can be compounded by those who may work from home or who are separated from others behind office doors or cubicle walls for the entire workday. On the contrary, research has shown that coworking has a positive effect on productivity. 

People who interact with other professionals while performing their job responsibilities in coworking spaces seem to accomplish more. Working from home may be convenient, but it can be isolating and lonely which inhibits productivity. In addition, not having to worry about the Internet working, cleaning the facilities, or paying all of the bills, allows professionals to spend more time focusing on important business-related tasks. 

What better way to thrive professionally than to dump the traditional or home office environment, and become a part of a coworking community? Call us today at 919-296-5697 to learn more about how your business can fit into our Raleigh, NC coworking community!