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The Long Term Gains of Short Term Office Space in Raleigh

If you’re a small business owner in Raleigh NC, your options for office space are much different today than ten years ago. A decade ago, for example, it was hard to find an office on anything less than a 12-month lease. Now, thanks to spaces like Office Evolution® Raleigh, it’s easy to rent short term office space in Raleigh on a flexible, month to month agreement.

That’s big news for a number of professionals and local businesses. Over the past few years, short term office space has become increasingly popular not just in Raleigh, but across the U.S. Without the fixed term of a typical lease, these spaces provide an exceptional degree of flexibility. Meanwhile, new technologies have made short term office rentals more functional and cost-effective than ever before.

Many Uses for Short Term Office Space in Raleigh

The emerging popularity of short term office rentals is linked to the coworking movement. Coworking spaces are known for their flexible, month to month memberships, which provide immediate access to high-quality workspace while keeping costs manageable for professionals. The modern short term office rental evolved out of these spaces, taking the privacy of a traditional office and combining it with the flexibility of a coworking membership.

Many coworking spaces have specially designed their office rentals to accommodate temporary and month to month usage. Office Evolution Raleigh is a textbook example. Our private office rentals come with a desk, chair, and office storage, so that you don’t need to waste time or money furnishing your new space. We provide a phone handset, a private phone line, high-speed Ethernet, and secure Wi-Fi, giving you the core services you need to hit the ground running.

We also include a host of productivity-boosting features and amenities, including Live Answering services, which give you 60 minutes of live phone answering each month, and a Business Address plan, which includes a business address, a secure mailbox, and parcel reception services. You’ll also enjoy discounts on meeting room and day office rentals, unlimited use of our coworking area, and free coffee and tea to keep you fueled through the workday.

When you combine these features with the flexibility of a month to month rental agreement, you get the perfect short term office for a range of applications and projects. Here are a few of the ways that you can take advantage of short term office space at Office Evolution Raleigh:

  • If you’re running a small business in Raleigh, our pre-furnished offices will reduce upfront costs and time investment of a new office.
  • If you’re operating a startup, our month to month agreements will allow you to take big risks, while giving you the freedom to scale your business quickly.
  • If you’re opening a satellite office in Raleigh, our workspace will provide the perfect launchpad as you search for a permanent office.
  • If you’re launching short term project that requires additional office space, we make it easy to rent offices for any number of months.

Want to learn more about short term office space at Office Evolution Raleigh NC? Call (919) 390-0330 today to get more information or book a tour of our workspace.