Trends shaping work in 2022

The way we work is changing. Technology is increasingly automating tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher-level work. At the same time, the boundary between work and life is blurred as people increasingly work remotely and flexibly. And as the workforce continues to diversify, organizations are rethinking how to best support their employees. Here are three trends that are shaping work in 2022: 


 As technology advances, more and more tasks are being automated. This frees employees to focus on higher-level work that requires critical thinking and creativity. For example, machine learning is being used to automate tasks like data entry and analysis. This is opening opportunities for employees to provide new insights and solve relevant problems they didn’t have the bandwidth to consider before.

Flexible work 

The boundary between work and life is increasingly blurred as people work remotely and flexibly. This trend is being driven by several factors, including the rise of the gig economy and the desire for work-life balance. As a result, organizations are rethinking their approach to work, and employees are given more control over when and where they work. Small businesses are utilizing co-working spaces for hybrid work styles, and flexible scheduling makes it easier than ever to have a brick-and-mortar office when you need it, without the restrictions and obligations of a yearly lease. Office Evolution is a good example of one of these co-working spaces.

Diverse workforce 

The workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, with more women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people entering the workforce than ever before. This is positively changing the way work is done by combining unique perspectives to solve complex problems. Now, organizations are rethinking their policies and practices to better support their employees.


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