What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Raleigh for Businesses?

In Raleigh, NC, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to start their businesses from home. It’s easy to see why. Today, starting a business from home is cheaper (and often easier) than renting a traditional office. But unless you want your home address to double as your business address, you’ll need to find a local mailbox to rent.

Local entrepreneurs have a few different options for renting a mailbox. So if you want to find the right mailbox rental for your business, you’ll need to know which features you’re looking for and which types of mailbox rentals offer them.

Why Get a Mailbox Rental?

There are three main reasons to rent a mailbox for a home-based business:

  1. You want to keep your home address private.
  2. You want somewhere that can receive and store incoming parcels.
  3. You want to operate a virtual office for marketing purposes.

Practically any local mailbox rental will keep your home address private. But if you want to receive parcels or operate a virtual office, you’ll need to be a little choosier about where you rent a mailbox.

Where to Find a Mailbox Rental in Raleigh

Post Office

The most basic type of mailbox to rent is probably a PO box at your nearest USPS location. And if you’re only looking to keep your home address private, it might not be a bad choice.

That said, a PO box has two distinct drawbacks.

First, it gives you a PO box number for a mailing address. This signals to the outside world that you don’t have a proper physical location. It also prevents you from operating a virtual office.

Second, it means any parcels you receive need to be sent through USPS. Anything sent via private courier will be returned to sender.

Private Mail Center

Compared to a PO box, a private mail center is generally a better way to get a rent a mailbox. You’ll get a proper mailing address, not a PO box number, and you’ll be able to receive parcels from any kind of courier.

However, your mailing address at a private mail center might not meet all your small business needs.

That’s because anyone who looks up your address will see that it’s a mail center — not a proper office. So it’s an imperfect solution for marketing your business. Additionally, you can’t use a mail center address to operate a virtual office.

Office Evolution Raleigh

If you’re looking for a local mailbox to rent that offers privacy, accepts parcels, and can function as a virtual office address, look no further than Office Evolution® Raleigh.

At our business center, you can rent a private mailbox to serve as the mailing address for your business. As with most private mail centers, we include parcel reception services with all our mailbox rentals. Even better, the address on your mailbox will appear like an office address, so it can be used for a virtual office!

On top of these perks, a mailbox rental at our business center will give you generous discounts on meeting room and day office rentals. And if you package your mailbox with other services, you can save big on our live phone answering service or on access to our co-working space.

Need a mailbox rental in Raleigh, NC? Call Office Evolution Raleigh at (919) 390-0330 today to learn more!

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